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Just got word that a mob of teabaggers from this band of loonies is outside Jennifer Brunner’s office shouting “Stalin”, and apparently, according to this picture, having their children carry posters of Stalin.

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  • Getting the kids involved. Stay classy teabaggers. Stay classy!

  • Mike B.


  • WestlakeDavid

    I seem to recall that the current occupant of the White House had a, cough, pre-man at the signing away of that child's future on Tuesday…. It appears a wash. Capice?

  • factchecker

    Maybe the Fisher folks on ODP Exec Comm had some time on their hands after he withdrew his request for ODP to endorse at their mtg last night –
    this is DeMora's style!

  • modernesquire

    Are you really that stupid?

    Are you really equating a kid, speaking up and telling the world the story his mother's life and tragic death, to using a kid as a proxy for your political hate speech?

    I pity your warped mind.

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  • darkejournal

    brunner and fisher. two horrible candidates. each has little money. and they'll beat each others' brains out, and deplete their resources before facing a superior opponent. ouch!

  • MarkKeating

    Wait – I'm confused. Were they trying to conjure up Stalin's ghost? You know, like repeating “I believe in Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror? They're gonna need a lot more candles – and a goat…

    Stupid teabaggers.

  • Miss-d-meaner

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    Winston Churchill

    …asking for slavery, and too ignorant to even understand.. You applaud and ask for more shackles..

  • Truthemanifested

    You are completely misrepresenting this event. I know these people, in fact I know this boy in the picture and his parents. They were not chanting “Stalin”. The sign the this boy is holding is mocking the fact that given many questionable incidents of candidates falling off the ballots happened after their petitions entered into Brunner's office, Brunner has a “What are you going to do about it?” attitude.

    I know for a fact that Steve Christopher had thousands of signatures that he turned into Brunner's office but after that, they disappeared causing him to not make it on to the ballot for early voters. His challenge to the Supreme Court also seemed tainted as they strangely didn't allow his name on to the ballot while in dispute (which they could later disqualify him if he didn't win his case). Instead they agreed to hear his case but ruled his name not be put on the ballot….

    The majority of these protesters were here to call attention to the repeating pattern of either corruption or incompetency, which are the only possible explanations for how Christopher's signatures vanished.

    This boy's sign was mocking the way Brunner's office handled the situation, which was to dismiss the claim and refuse to find the lost signatures, leaving a good candidate to have no choice but to withdraw. The picture is of Stalin with his hand to his face as if to be thumbing his nose at someone, a picture of dismissal, not a characterization of Brunner as Stalin…

    I would wager that these children know more about the constitution that you (especially more than any given kos reader) and that they know exactly what they are doing and following in civil dissent as protected by their constitutional rights. These children weren't “used”, they are smart, engaged, and wanted to participate. Are you to claim that it is shameful to see children so engaged for the fight of their own future? Hmmm….

    This crowd was civil, not violent, and in fact had the praise of the local police who showed up and actually praised them for their behavior. However, I wouldn't expect you or the soviet style propaganda officer over at kos to understand how to speak the truth, at the very least, don't impugn the parents of this child nor the people here with your complete mischaracterization of the event.

  • Miss-d-meaner

    Very good words; Truthemanifested.
    It is important for those on this site– if they are interested in truth and not an agenda of the destruction of their own Liberties bought at great cost for their freedom– to truly understand what it is; this 'transformation'… applauding this mindless propaganda, led like sheep to a slaughter down the path of Che, Mao, Stalin, Marx…

    The the descriptive term is; 'useful idiot'.. Stunningly this comes from the philosophy that your path towards, ends..

    USEFUL IDIOTS– the term useful idiot was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that though the person in question na?vely thought themselves an ally of the Soviets or other Communists, they were actually held in contempt by them, and were being cynically used.

    If you are an American citizen, I pray you will wake up!.. If you choose this course willfully, and the destruction of the Greatest country on the face of the planet, please pack your bags and head to Beijing..

    Bis interimitur qui suis armis perit – He is doubly destroyed who perishes by his own arms.

  • Truthemanifested

    If anyone would like to compare what a left wing rally looks like in comparison to a right wing rally…check this out…


  • modernesquire

    Yeah, because when I want unbiased reporting I go to paid for conservative propaganda at Pajamas Media.

    I pity you. You honestly defended using Stalin by a child. Pathetic.

    Christopher made some ridiculous claims, but when asked to provide documentation to support, he couldn't. When he was about to be asked to give testimony under oath about his allegations, he suddenly folded like a cheap pup tent.

    Sounds like an incredibly credibly person to me…

  • Truthemanifested

    You honestly are intellectually dishonest. You don't care one spit about this child using Stalin to mock Brunner. It is just vehicle for an attempt to cast aspersions upon these people who are peacefully and rightfully expressing their dissatisfaction from a corrupt'o'crat.

    In regards to Christopher, you have no idea what you are talking about. The petition I signed myself, never made it back to our local board of elections, what happened to it along with the 4 other pages that were filled out along side it?

    Christopher didn't back down because he didn't have a case, he backed down because the fight, to get on the ballot, was already lost. Had the court ruled that his name be on the ballot, he surely would have continued his complaint.

    So unless you have he ability to conjure up the missing petitions Brunner's office lost out of either incompetence or corruption, I'd suggest you bring some facts to the table next time.

    And the comparison is in photographs, follow the links to the sources, pictures are pictures, who cares what site or commentary come along with it, no that would be too honest and would not play into the prescribed tactic of dishonest debate. Rather than compare the images on their merits, you'd take the easy route and dismiss them entirely simply because of the link…I doubt you even viewed the pictures…

  • Truthemanifested

    Oh, I'd love to hear you cry a river for this child…


  • modernesquire

    They can protest all they want. But their First Amendment rights doesn't make them immune for criticism for using ridiculous rhetoric for comparing Jennifer Brunner to Stalin and then hiding behind their speech by using their child as a proxy.

    Christopher has yet to produce a SINGLE document to back up his claim and has given inconsistent statements. The burden is always on the person making the accusation, not the person being accused.

    All I know is that Christopher didn't seem to have any concerns about his lawsuit, which he filed, until he was about to be deposed.

    I do dismiss the comparison of Jennifer Brunner to Stalin as would any sane mind would.

  • modernesquire

    Yeah, I think that's disgusting to. Let me clarify this for your tiny brain:


    Get it now?

  • Truthemanifested

    “Christopher has yet to produce a SINGLE document to back up his claim”

    That is patently false. He has a receipt from Brunner's office for over 2000 signatures, he has photocopies of the all the petitions, he didn't quit the lawsuit because he was going to have to testify, he quit because the court didn't rule to have his name placed on the absentee ballots.

    This is all documented:





    What else is there to say?

  • Truthemanifested

    Again, I know this boy, I know he is actually older than he looks. He is smart and knows exactly what he is doing. The picture of Stalin isn't a comparison of Brunner to Stalin nor was there anyone chanting Stalin. This is a statement about corruption and tyranny.

    Perhaps you should study up on the ages of those who fought for the freedom of this country in the beginning and realize that holding a sign, although makes him no less a patriot, pales in comparison to what young men his age had to do to win your freedom. If he wants to stand up for his beliefs by holding a sign up in protest in the face of tyranny, I say let him.

  • Truthemanifested

    Boy, you really think you have his parents nailed don't you? Never a thought about the knowledge and will of the young man. But of course, liberals by default think they know how better to run lives of others…so naturally, the parents must be forcing this young man to hold this sign…

    You and your leftist pals will need to do better than to smear the Tea Party movement with claims of racism and violence, it's just not there. Time is running out and the days are ticking away fast towards November, tick tock…

  • modernesquire

    That kid is not old enough to serve in the military. Don't start that crap.

    You really can't make a consistent argument can you? You're all over the place.

    Ruling that a candidate failed to meet the legal requirements to be listed on the ballot is hardly tyranny, or Stalinesque.

    But you're right, he has a constiutional right to be an idiotic jerk just like you.

    And I have every right to criticize his nonsense.

  • Truthemanifested

    I didn't say in our current military, perhaps reading comprehension is beyond your grasp…during the American Revolution, there is evidence that young men not much older than this boy is to have served to fight for our initial freedom from tyranny…

    “Ruling that a candidate failed to meet the legal requirements to be listed on the ballot is hardly tyranny, or Stalinesque.”

    The court wasn't tyrannical, “losing” the signatures and then refusing to do anything about it (Brunner's office) is….

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