Finally. They stark freaking out. They’ve been warned for over a year now and they are just now realizing the damage that has been done and will continue to be done to their cause. They’re freaking the hell out:

The organizers of some major Florida tea party groups, for instance, on Thursday morning released an open letter to Congress and President Barack Obama declaring they ?stand in stark opposition to any person using derogatory characterizations, threats of violence, or disparaging terms toward members of Congress or the President.?

FreedomWorks must have some bad internal polling suggesting the jig is up. I call bullshit on this whole “derogatory characterizations..or disparaging terms toward members of Congress or the President”. If they were serious about this and not just trying to get some good press they’d be kicking everyone with a racist sign out of their rallies. They won’t. They can’t. If they eliminate the hatred they won’t have a movement. It is powered by hatred, racism, and violent undertones.

Until action follows press releases, we’ll file this under damage control as duly noted.

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  • redhorse

    I call BS on “threats of violence”. With bricks through windows, cut gas lines, and shots fired into Cantor's office, ACTUAL violence has occurred. This will get worse, and I'm afraid someone will be seriously hurt. As you said, this “movement” is powered by hate, and when hate dies, it withers until it's an ugly, dried corpse.

  • Good point. Duly noted. BS on the lot of it!

  • akonsen

    Eric, here's a great opportunity for you to stick it to Andrew Breitbart. Go for it, O Champion of All Things Righteous.

  • Still peddling the same :23 and :48 video clips I see. Andrew Breitbart. LOL.

    10,000? Why not 100,000? Why not a million if he's so sure? Sounds like he's hedging his bets here. Lie detector test? Andrew Breitbart? John Lewis? Have you lost your fucking mind Alo?

    Wait. Don't answer that…

    Barney Frank accuses teabaggers of hurling “faggot” at him. John Lewis accuses teabaggers of hurling “nigger” at him. There IS clear video of “faggot”, which you ignore as evidence that maybe teabaggers have the capacity to hurl ugly insults at Congressmen. You focus on a lack of clear video of “nigger” being shouted at Lewis and claim it couldn't have happened despite corroborating evidence in Frank's case. I'm really not sure how you square this. It's obvious this crowd has not only the capacity to hurl hate speech, but a history of it.

    You don't need indisputable video evidence to draw this conclusion.

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