The Chris Reichert situation got me thinking.? When I wrote this in March, 2008, I expected I’d be linking to it repeatedly over time, because not one thing has changed since the email smear campaign against Barack Obama, created and prosecuted by Republicans, for Republicans’ benefit, laying the foundation for today’s tinder box.

The unrelenting hatred that is now being spewed on conservative talk radio and on the internet is not now being aimed at Hispanics, it is being aimed at the most deep seeded racial divide in our country’s history, and is inevitably going to give the lowest forms of humanity in our country a permission slip to act out. In a bar after one too many, on a street corner, in the middle of the night, or in broad daylight…

Unlike in 1995, when Tim McVeigh crawled from this conservative primordial ooze and exploded on America, this time, the environment that gave rise to today’s “isolated incidents” all over the country has been documented, in real time, and is available online to peruse at your leisure.

…it is an indisputable fact that an atmosphere of hate is being created by the constant drone of talk radio and the conservative blogosphere….It is inevitable, repeat, inevitable, that people are going to get hurt. It may be a few, it may be many. And no amount of begging them to tone it down is going to get these “thought leaders” to do so.

That was March, 2008.? After the June, 2009, the Holocaust museum shooting, we revisited the primordial ooze again.

The paper trail from those emails, to talk radio, to Republicans using them against our president, to the shooter, is unbreakable, constant, and in every single American’s inbox right now. ?Even mine.

In 1995, it was a theory. ?In 2009, it?s a proven fact. ?The proof is on your computer. ?We all know it. ?Go ahead and try running from it. ? Then look at your inbox, where you will find precisely the words the shooter echoed even as he left his car to enter the Holocaust museum with a shotgun, and ask yourself what you did to stop it.

I can look in the mirror after doing that. ?Wonder how many people can.

Another year passes, another spasm of violence springs from precisely the same root, and precisely the same cowards claim they have no responsibility.? In a non-internet age, it was barely plausible for conservative Republicans to claim clean hands after Tim McVeigh.? Today, the proof of their complicity is on their own damn computer, in dozens if not hundreds of emails, the proof is Googlable, it has been broadcast on Youtube, on television, in print.? There is simply no escaping it.

We begged you to help tone down this rhetoric, and you laughed.? We forced accountability on you by printing your emails addresses with your hate mail, and you laughed harder.? We tied your faces to your words on Youtube, and you just got louder.? And now you want to tell us we are “manufacturing rage” as precisely what we predicted comes to pass.

Republican addiction to lies was always going to lead the Republican Party into oblivion.? Hanging on to this particular lie will quicken that.? If you can’t take yourself out of your world of total fiction even to save your own skins, well, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.