Rachel just noted that Chapter 1 of the Obama presidency’s legislative history is over, and Chapter 2 begins today.? Agreed.? In Chapter 1, Rachel noted that the Republican strategy was…well….what we know it was. Crazed, hysterical, paranoid fantastical, apocalyptic cries of “NO!”? Agreed.? Guest Chris Hayes then argued that it’s now impossible for Republicans to do business with the president without enraging a Fox News base that now believes the world is about to end, and in response would pull them back.? Hayes then said he bets the Republicans will listen to that base.

Rachel then said that Chapter 2 would be unpredictable, because that answer isn’t really known yet.? This is where I disagreed with Rachel, and was reminded of this Art Bell phone call, in which I ask you to imagine the pilot flying a plane into military restricted air space in order to find UFO’s is the Republican Party.

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