From the daily archives: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rachel just noted that Chapter 1 of the Obama presidency’s legislative history is over, and Chapter 2 begins today.? Agreed.? In Chapter 1, Rachel noted that the Republican strategy was…well….what we know it was. Crazed, hysterical, paranoid fantastical, apocalyptic cries of “NO!”? Agreed.? Guest Chris Hayes then argued that it’s now impossible for Republicans to do business with the president without enraging a Fox News base that now believes the world is about to end, and in response would pull them back.? Hayes then said he bets the Republicans will listen to that base.

Rachel then said that Chapter 2 […]

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Asteroids?? Cracks in the earth opening up?? Or birds chirping.? And “old people magazines”.

You see, when you predict that the earth will end if something happens, then that thing happens, and the earth doesn’t end, well…..that’s usually when people stop listening to you, and start treating you like that lunatic down the street who keeps saying the world’s gonna end.

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John Boehner is really pissed that the tanning bed tax goes into effect right away.

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Just got word that a mob of teabaggers from this band of loonies is outside Jennifer Brunner’s office shouting “Stalin”, and apparently, according to this picture, having their children carry posters of Stalin.

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The Governor of Michigan gently reminds him who he’s legally obligated to represent in courts of law.

This, of course, has me thinking: could Governor Strickland ask AG Rich Corday to intervene on behalf of Ohio and argue that it is constitutional?

After all, if some States are suing in federal courts outside their jurisdiction to argue that the bill is unconstitutional, can’t States who disagree be heard as well by filing amicus briefs?

Just a thought…

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U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is the 51st Senator to vote for final passage of the reconciliation act for health care reform (“Fix-it”), thus ensuring its passage today.

The measure returns to the House for what is expected to be a rather uneventful vote towards passage today.

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Finally. They stark freaking out. They’ve been warned for over a year now and they are just now realizing the damage that has been done and will continue to be done to their cause. They’re freaking the hell out:

The organizers of some major Florida tea party groups, for instance, on Thursday morning released an open letter to Congress and President Barack Obama declaring they ?stand in stark opposition to any person using derogatory characterizations, threats of violence, or disparaging terms toward members of Congress or the President.?

FreedomWorks must have some bad internal polling suggesting the jig is […]

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We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. All your base are belong to you:

While tea party activists have described themselves as political free agents disgusted with both parties, a new poll by Quinnipiac University shows that a majority have a close connection to the GOP.

The demographics of the Teabagger Movement? was pretty obvious, but if you want numbers and statistics:

In addition to being largely Republican, the poll found tea partiers are mainly white (88 percent), voted for 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain (77 percent) and adore his running mate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, […]

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The Chris Reichert situation got me thinking.? When I wrote this in March, 2008, I expected I’d be linking to it repeatedly over time, because not one thing has changed since the email smear campaign against Barack Obama, created and prosecuted by Republicans, for Republicans’ benefit, laying the foundation for today’s tinder box.

The unrelenting hatred that is now being spewed on conservative talk radio and on the internet is not now being aimed at Hispanics, it is being aimed at the most deep seeded racial divide in our country’s history, and is inevitably going to give the lowest […]

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You can’t unring that bell

On March 25, 2010 By

One of the reasons we’ve consistently argued that GOP rhetoric was harmful to the country is that it creates an environment of fear and hate, and it’s incredibly difficult to step back when you realize things have gotten out of hand. Some of our conservative visitors think things haven’t gotten out of hand (in fact, a few think that this is all “manufactured outrage” by the left, as Eric has made fun of in his last few posts). We’ve already had people hurt, even killed, in what would appear to be violence at least in part motivated by the fear […]

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