We’ve probably all seen the video of the teabagger heckling the Parkinsons guy.? It was disturbing to say the least.? Now we know who the heckler of the Parkinsons guy was.? Chris Reichert.? We know he is a registered Republican (big surprise there).? Some folks in back channels want us to know more about Chris Reichert in an effort to further embarrass him.

We’re missing an opportunity here and we should step back from the partisan funfest long enough to seize it.

Chris Reichert apologized.

He not only apologized, but he said every single thing that we’ve been saying for years now about the worst of the right wing blowhards on talk radio.? They are dangerous and they incite behavior that is an overall detriment to the political process.? Chris knows.? He got all hopped up on wingnut radio and decided to head down to a rally.? He probably regrets that now.

We’ve been asking for years on this blog for wingnuts and teabaggers to have a bit of self awareness.? Chris demonstrates precisely what we are asking for and we want to continue to hit the guy?? His self awareness led him to see his actions on television and not even be able to recognize who he was under the influence of right wing talk radio.

We should be praising Chris and thanking him for proving our point about the hate speech that led Chris to humiliate another human being who is suffering.? We should be thanking him for what appears to be a sincere apology and let him seek redemption for these actions.? He’s already begun his personal healing by donating to a local Parkinson’s Disease group.? Further hammering seems detrimental to our overall cause and demonstrates to some degree that no matter the amount of self awareness or the level of contrition about disgusting right wing attacks, we will never give you a pat on the back and thank you.

If we are going to hammer wingnuts and teabaggers (and boy are we) and criticize their total lack of self awareness and dignity, then we must allow them to reclaim it through apology and retribution restitution*.? Anything less is to dilute the arguments we’ve made in the past about the climate that has been generated and stoked by the Becks and the Limbaughs and the reaction of those who then turn that hate speech into hate action.

Thanks Chris Reichert for proving us right afterall about the negative effects of right wing talk radio that creates caustic political environments that cause people like you to do things you’d never think of doing.? You may never go to another political rally again, but I encourage you to.? The next time you go, demonstrate to us and yourself that you can stand up for what you believe without denigrating those who might believe otherwise and embarrass yourself in the process.? Maybe you can even sit down with Bob (the guy with Parkinsons) and see each other for human beings and not punching bags in a political discourse.

For those who might continue to try to shame and embarrass Chris, consider the half life on your own mistakes and stop for a minute.

* I had originally used the phrase “apology and retribution”, but meant “apology and restitution”.? Thanks to my good friend Jeff Hess of Have Coffee Will Write for the polite correction.

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  • Shalom Eric,

    Excellent response.

    If we're not going to execute offenders, then we must allow for rehabilitation and restoration to society.



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  • i must say, when i first posted on Chris, i resisted the urge to keep Googling, precisely because of this sentiment.

    let's see how Chris behaves going forward. apology is only the first step after doing wrong. trust me, I know.

  • Thanks Jeff. Thanks too for the retribution/restitution correction.

  • LOL. You must say? Same sentiment. Maybe you could have just said “you know, you're right!”

    I know you know and all, which is why I was surprised you weren't the one writing something like this. If you desire benefit of doubt you have to be willing to give it. In this case I'm more than willing as it also confirms things we've long said and argued about the nature of teabagging and right wing hate speech and thought.

  • redhorse

    Hear, hear.

  • I was going to post this exact same sentiment. I hope he shuts off FOX News, Glen Beck, and Rush. It is entirely possible to be conservative without being crazy and hateful.

    As Tim notes, remorse is just the first step. I'm not personally interested in tracking his “rehabilitation”, but I hope he continues… and encourages other conservatives to step back from the crazy.

  • darkejournal

    sorry i was gone for a little while. i was starting to return to full sanity and peacefulness, so i hurried up and listened to 30 minutes of rush limbaugh on tape … and now i'm fully frothing and hateful again. phew – much better now.

    liberals ALWAYS play the victim. it's going on again tonight: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34953

    the poor democrat congressman are shocked – SHOCKED, i say – to find out that some wackos are upset about the healthcare vote.

    you know if you defy a majority of the public with an unpopular vote, you're bound to get some pushback, which is going to consist of: 1) mostly normal reasonable civil protests, and 2) your occasional violent wacko (like the liberal professor from Alabama). sorry but that's the reality. don't make stupid votes and that won't happen.

  • Something tells me you may never return to full sanity and peacefulness, but it's just a guess. It's not playing victim to point out warnings against threats. If that were the case then the entire Bush GWOT could be framed in this same way. A global wimp crying global victim. Acts of violence have occurred. Threats have been made. Teabagging Jihad has been declared.

    Please pay better attention.

    You are fundamentally wrong about what “a majority of the public” want. They have always wanted reform of the health care system. Some of those you may lump into your protest category are probably upset that the bill didn't go far enough (ie no public option). Stop making shit up out of whole cloth. Shit man, right after Obama signed the bill into law a gallup poll showed 49% called it a “good thing” versus 40% who called it a “bad thing”.

    I would say AT BEST you may be able to claim the country is evenly split, but even that is a stretch.

    The reality is this teabagging powder keg was lit back before President Obama was elected and it is reaching it's logical conclusion given the rhetoric then and now.

  • darkejournal

    then why does a majority of the public want the GOP to keep fighting against ObamaCare?

    Today's CBS (ahem *liberal-leaning*) polls shows that 62% want the GOP to fight onward, including 66% of independents – and 41% of democrats!


    Last I checked, 62% was a majority, but what do i know: i'm in a hate-induced frenzy consumed with the thought of tea-bagging every waking moment.

    Hmmm … if 62% of the public wants the GOP to fight on, and the GOP does fight on … then that will kinda make the GOP really popular and the dems not so much.

    oh and the violence: manufactured outrage. all legislators get hateful messages all the time. the dems are feeding theirs to a complicit media.

  • speaking of [cough] playing the victim [cough]. yes. it's all the evil librul media's fault! lol. honestly if i were asked if i wanted the GOPers and wingnuts and teabaggers to continue to fight HCR I'd answer “hell yes”!

    i think a majority of the disapproval is manufactured by teabaggers and GOPers who both lied for months about it and obfuscated like never before. how will we know this? time will tell. if you ask me, when the true details of this bill are known these disapproval numbers will dissolve.

    there is nothing manufactured about the bricks being thrown through the windows of dem party HQs and the “arming” and “targeting” rhetoric that is going on. if you look around and think this is run of the mill discontent with congress then you either simply aren't paying attention, are willfully ignorant, or hopelessly deluded.

  • darkejournal

    dude, i'm mostly just having fun with you, but it's only going to get much worse as the details come out. seriously eric, there were only about 4 or 5 benefits publicly touted in this bill – and it turns out one of them (~pre-existing condition exclusion ban for kids) isn't even in there. and i think that was the only immediate benefit.

    all the new agencies, the 1000+ IRS agents, the whole “not taking effect for four years,” etc.

    also still ahead, our premiums won't go down $2,500 as promised by obama; they will actually go up; seniors will be denied coverage (as sometimes occurs now) but will now attribute it to the funding cuts; any larger economic issues will be tied to the spending.

    plus, now that it's the dems deal, every aggrieved untreated patient will be looking to dems (not those evil insurance company loving republicans) for their complaints.

    with the provision on pre-existing conditions for kids *accidentally* omitted, there is no immediate payoff for this thing. how are people going to be happy without ANY immediate benefit?

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  • darkejournal

    ahh … dailykos. i should have known that's where all your anger and rage comes from 🙂

    an HHS regulation is not the same as an atual statute. but time will tell on this one. either way, dems are screwed. either they leave out one of the only provisions they used to sell this bill. OR they will actually implement that provision, and the inclusion of all the kids with terrible health problems will immediately drive up premiums (contrary to what obama promised ~ a $2,500 reduction).

  • Karen

    Chris Reichert, the only way you can make amends in this situation is to decry the violent, hateful rhetoric and threats also experienced by Democratic House members who are having bricks thrown through windows, having their home addresses posted online with request that people show up at their homes, having people threaten family members (including children for God's sake!) running ads with photos of their children, spitting and racial slurs. As one who is now hunted, you more than anyone should see and point out to the public and people doing this stuff that this behavior has crossed the line. These actions stem from hateful words and violent metaphors (e.g. “dead man,” firing squad, photos overlaid with gun cross-hairs) and sadly are even coming from other congressmen. Chris, speaking out against this can really right a wrong in some ways. Please do it!!

  • politicaloutcast

    I've listened/watched Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity, and many other conservatives and would have NEVER done what he did. It was disrespectful and shameful.

    The worst of it is that he threw the Tea Party supporters under the bus because he is a moron; and of course, all of you here fell for it.

    Eric, you should seriously follow your own advice and see your political opposites as “human beings and not punching bags in a political discourse.” Calling those that vigorously oppose this bill 'wingnuts' and bigots for the acts of a new is not right either.

  • scottpullins

    Very well said.

  • Frank

    I hardly think he deserves praise. He only apologized AFTER he was identified in the video. He probably felt quite proud of himself after the rally. I seriously doubt he would have mentioned any remorse if her were still anonymous. I'll bet within the next week, he'll retract his “apology” and announce his candidacy for some office. We'll see him on Glenn Beck, and maybe he'll get an honorable mention from Limbaugh, who has also enjoyed ridiculing Parkinson's victims. He'll ride this Chariot of Hate until CNN finds something really dark in his past, and the GOP will drop him like a hot bag of tea. He'll blame the evil MAINSTREAM MEDIA for his troubles while his wife quietly contemplates divorce.

    It's the pattern of the Republicans. They do or say something stupid, apologize, retract the apology, and then use the whole incident to raise money for a campaign.

    I think had Bush & Company conducted itself with more honor, this country would be more civil place. Instead, the self-proclaimed “uniter” became the biggest divider since Nixon.

  • Well PO, maybe you have better self control. Who knows. What I DO know is that there have been plenty of examples lately and during the election of people going a bit overboard and wingnut radio talkies goading them to do so.

    So now the guy who apologized for making ass of himself is a moron. Nice.

    I do follow my own advice for the most part. There is a very big difference in blog rhetoric and real life. We hammer it out here using very different tactics than we would if we sat down with a beer. Ask those righties who have encountered me offline. OK, don't ask Naugle. He's a special kind of crazy who deserves most everything he gets. 😉

    Anyone who wants to intimate that our sitting President was born in Kenya by a Satanic goat and a tax and spend cyclops and is infiltrating our country in order to impose mandatory Socialism and take all our guns will get both barrels of caustic rhetorical excess from me. We point and ridicule for a reason. They are deserving of our disdain and our mockery. You should join us if you don't want to get lumped in with them.

    I don't call everyone who opposes the bill wingnuts. If you think this than you are either missing stuff, not paying attention, or are purposefully misrepresenting what I've been doing. Opposition of a bill is fine. Going on about death panels, killing granny, becoming socialist, and arming yourself for the Nazi Kenyan takeover of our country is all together different. I will continue to frame this precisely as it is. Wingnutty, teabagging, unhinged madness that threatens to destroy any progress and rip apart the very fabric of our country and it's political discourse. We've already seen things turn violent and you and yours are really very late in your desire to put some space between yourselves and this “teabagger movement”.

    My suggestion to you and those like you is to start calling these people out and opposing them and stop complaining that you are being painted with a broad brush. If we saw more right leaners, thoughtful Republicans, and “center-right” bloggers calling these fucktards out then we would be more on the same page.

    As they say “All your base are belong to you”.

  • Thanks, Scott.

  • Anger properly channeled is highly useful. Don't confuse anger with hate. Know the difference.

  • I have to disagree with this and hope that you are wrong. Pretty sure you are.

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  • politicaloutcast

    Yes, he is a moron for embarassing himself and the cause the way he did.

    In terms of calling people out,I have and do, because I know that the Left will have no problem using the broad brush. Even if we call them out and oppose them, after reading some of your most recent posts I don't think it would matter anyway.

  • mary jo

    Dear Darkejournal,
    What would you do to the kids with the terrible health problems?
    Mary Jo

  • darkejournal

    Medicaid takes care of them now, not to mention the many charity orgs that treat children for free. We didn't need to foul up the private insurance industry to help these children.

  • No. It would help. Send me links!

  • mary jo

    Dear Darkejournal,
    A family has to be low income for their children to qualify for medicaid. What do you want to do to the children with the terrible health problems whose parents are above the poverty line but not wealthy? What charity organizations in the Cleveland area that treat these children for free are you talking about? I worked with medically fragile children for most of my career, by the way.
    Mary Jo

  • darkejournal

    well, i'm the CEO of the four large hospitals and i can tell you that catastrohically sick children can qualify for medicaid even if the parents are above the poverty line.

  • politicaloutcast
  • I own a skateboard company named Convoy Skateboards. My business partner is named Chris Reichert, but he is NOT the Chris Reichert from Ohio who did this pretty stupid act. We have received a few hate mail emails through our site so we would just like to let people know that we are just a couple of guys (about 20 years younger then this dude) who love skateboarding and are pretty respectful! So stop sending the hate our way! We didnt do it!

  • Subsume

    Terrific! Let's make sure and get them catastrophically sick as quickly as possible. Problem solved! Oh damn, I fed the troll.

  • outtagetme


    Reichert deserves no further recognition. I don't want him vilified or even a single word more said about him. His actions were inexcusable and this “apology” smacks of him trying to dampen the hatred that's felt towards him. I don't wish harm upon him, I just want him to know that he humiliated a weaker person, disgusted many, and now he's remorseful. And remorseful he should be.
    He was exposed as the sadist that he is and wants to try to change that.

    Reichert, you are a nasty, sadistic coward who now wants sympathy for your hideous acton. Go away and try to think about those who REALLY suffer.

  • Jason

    To take a high and mighty, holier than thou, judgemental position, as you clearly do in this article but then in the same breath use the derogatory term “teabagger” ( a gross homosexual act) somewhat diffuses your position and aligns you as just another childish, hate filled name caller. The term for this group is The Tea Party, or Tea Partiers, etc. Let me guess, you are sensitive when people refer to your kind as Tree Huggers, or Libatards, correct? Arent you asserting yourself as “above” these Tea Party Activists? I bet you are the type as well that would harass and have harassed the news for calling a Terrorist a Terrorist rather than the PC term “Insurgent” as if their cause is legitimate, and they are just freedom fighters. I bet you would be first in line against someone using a Racial epithet, would you not. Or flame spray someone that used the term “Queer”, “Faggot” or “Homo” when refering to your gay friends? “Teabagger” is just as offensive a term. Why the hypocracy? If you hope to be above the movement(s) that you caluminate, should you not first practice what you preach and set an example? You appear to just be another hate filled, hypocritical activist like the rest of them. Not impressed.

  • jason

    Very interesting comment. You are feeling hate from this Anti-Tea Party group? Apparently “Hate” from democrats is OK, (because they are better than the Right Wingers, after all, correct, so their hate is OK) but any other groups that express “hate”, to include the Tea Partiers, is awful, is labeled “hate speech” and should be legislated against. Only conservative hate is hate speech. Liberal hate is…”words of righteous indignation”. lol.

    Newsflash people. Neither is “hate”, it's free, protected speech. Deal with it.

    As for these people calling and hating on you, dont worry, its not you, not alot of Democrats out there seem to check their facts before projecting their “hate” as you call it. Just another day in la-la land.

  • yickth

    Well said. Thank you.

  • sumdum

    “”well i'm the CEO of four large hospitals” nuff said. (This statement is most likely BS.)(I know a few CEO's and day don't talk like dis! Or could be a southerner. ) I'll play along. Well I imagine you are a liar and a crock and a bastard who enjoys grotesque wealth from the suffering of others. Here's why. An honest person would have admitted his /her bias form the very first post. So you lied by omission 1. Chief executive pay is believed to be between 250 and 500 times that of the average worker. Your position on health care reform appears to me to be purely motivated be greed! 2. 3. I wonder if you heard the phrase an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “Benjamin Franklin” (that guy was obviously a left-wing radical nut case for sure!) 4. Providing no cost or low cost checkups and physicals for the 30 million plus uninsured persons has the potential to reduce catastrophic illness and the profits that are earned from treating them. The treatments of those catastrophic illnesses are a cash cow for the entire medical industry and who you think pays the bill. That would be your local, state, and federal governments, and where do they think they get their money from? Oh my goodness this (health care reform thing) is a catastrophe, gentlemen we have to protect our phony baloney jobs. Mel Brooks, Blazing sadeles. nuff said.

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lie
    2. http://www.forbes.com/2010/04/27/compensation-c
    3. http://www.kaiseredu.org/topics_im.asp?imID=1&p
    4. http://www.ushistory.org/franklin/info/index.htm

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