From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word is that the head to head, Brunner-Fisher number may come out later this week, but this is what Lee Fisher’s campaign has gotten him, 6 weeks before the primary.

His [Portman’s] advantage? is 38-37 over Jennifer Brunner and 41-36 against Lee Fisher.

How much did Lee Fisher spend in the last year to prove to us that he’ll do worse against Portman than Brunner will?? A million dollars?? Two million?? Lee, you could have just quoted this blog, we’ve been proving that for free.

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Today’s Must Read

On March 24, 2010 By

An open letter to?conservatives

An absolute must read.? Especially you conservative bloggers.? Yes, you!

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I heart Joe Biden

On March 24, 2010 By

I do. I honestly do. He’s sharp as a tack, despite his amazing propensity for opening his mouth and cramming his foot in it. I’m sure most people have heard his private comment to Obama that got picked up by the podium microphone the other day: “This is a big fucking deal.”

He’s right, of course, and it was intended to be a private comment – everyone is rightly not making a big fuss over it. But it does provide ample opportunity for some quality comedy. Like this:

So, thanks Joe. You both accurately captured the magnitude of […]

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