Carpetblogger Jon Keeling’s (R-VA) message to anti-health care reform advocates yesterday: “Don’t let up.”

“And with their victory comes our temptation to move on to the next issue.

“But if Republicans want to be able to fully utilize the political benefits of this bill’s passage, they need to act like it never passed.

That means continuing to saturate congressional town halls and forcing questions and concerns about Obamacare. It means writing letters to the editor. It means tweeting. It means not letting up in making sure everyone understands the negative aspects of this bill.”

(emphasis added.)

Keeling today: Health care reform is a distraction.

“One of the biggest mistakes Democrats have made over the past several months was focus primarily on health care …”


Coupled that with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) (Mr. “Death Panel“) sending out a press release boasting about how he worked with the Democrats on the health care reform bill.

This isn’t too differently from how Republicans voted against the stimulus, but then boasted in press releases about how “they” were responsible for various projects in their district being funded . . . by the stimulus.

Unfortunately, not everyone is seeing the return of rational thinking over the health care debate.  Thanks to the fanning of extreme rhetoric by Keeling and Grassley and other conservative figures, Congressman Steve Driehaus, his wife, and young daughters are the continued targets of frequent death threats over his vote for health care reform.

In an interview with National Review Boehner intoned that, if he voted for the bill, Driehaus would be a “dead man.” Boehner was talking politics, but for Driehaus, it’s become all too real.

Driehaus confronted Boehner about the interview on the floor of the House. “I told him it was inexcusable,” Driehaus said. “It doesn’t really matter the way you meant it, nor the way I accept it. It’s how the least sane person in my district accepts it.”

The article notes that a local conservative blog has posted the Driehaus’ address, complete with directions to his house, to stage a protest against Driehaus over health care reform… while people are threatening to kill him over it.

How many more “isolated” incidents will it take before the John Boehner, Chuck Grassley, and the hacks in the conservative blogsphere of the world to realize that their out-of-control political rhetoric is going to get someone hurt or killed?

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