How shocking that Chris Reichert, who was just identified as the guy who mocked and threw money at a man suffering with Parkinson’s disease, is a registered Republican.

Reichert, a registered Republican, said he is not politically active. He said he heard about the rally on the radio and a neighbor invited him to attend.

“That was my first time at any political rally and I’m never going to another one,” Reichert said.

“I will never ever, ever go to another one.”

Hey Chris – did you really think you’d make such an ass of yourself in front of cameras without someone figuring out who you are?? Keep it up GOP.? Keep lathering up the most hateful instincts in our fellow human beings.? The Republican Party will pay the highest price for people like Chris Reichert.? Only a matter of time.

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  • amy

    obviously his mother never told him to not do anything he didn't want on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

  • He apologized and regrets his action. Forgiving someone for deeds they regret is a good thing. For me, I found his actions reprehensible, but I am willing to see how he handles himself in the future.

  • darkejournal

    still not as bad as a bunch of congressmen fabricating stories about racial slurs to distract from their unpopular healthcare vote:

  • Julie

    I'm happy to see him apologize, but how genuine is it? Would he have come to the same conclusion had his negative actions never been caught on camera and gone viral? I don't think he would have thought twice about his behavior if that hadn't happened.

  • modernesquire

    Hey, Morans….
    Um, the Capitol Police made ARRESTS related to the spitting incident.

    Sorry that I'm not persuaded that a couple of photos taken by the Tea Baggers don't show it happen means it MUST not happened.

    People were arrested, genius.

  • I dunno Modern. The still frames of the 23 second video with red arrows and circles sure did convince me!

    Funny they don't deconstruct the Barney Frank video. You know. The one where you can actually HEAR someone call Barney a faggot!

    I find it also ironic that there is no real evidence of anyone fabricating anything yet their argument is that there is no real evidence. Huh?

  • Dan

    Mr. Reichert will retract his apology as soon as Faux News makes him their poster boy ala “Joe the Plumber”.

  • Nancy

    Scratch the surface of a bully and you'll find a lily-livered coward – EVERY time! Now don't start crying, widdle Chris – I used the term “scratch” metaphorically – and am in no manner suggesting anyone ACTUALLY scratch you. What kind of a total jerk verbally ridicules and insults a man old enough to be his own father because he has a debilitating disease? So he claims he “made a donation” to a Parkinson's group to begin his “healing”?
    How about volunteering your Saturdays for the next year
    helping out disabled people? You are in dire need of empathy, mister smart mouth!

    Clearly this despicable excuse for a human being is only sorry because he got called out for his behavior.

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