A lot of conservative commenters are trying to make hay from a statistically insignificant movement in today’s CNN poll (a one point movement is generally regarded as “statistical noise.”)

However, Rasmussen’s daily approval rating shows a massive swing just from Friday.

Rasmussen shows Obama at a 48% Approval rating and 52% Disapproval from a 43% Approval to 56% Disapproval rating. 

That’s a five point bump in approval with a four point drop in disapproval.  That’s just as a  significant swing that Eric earlier noted Gallup has also found (although Gallup shows Obama was a 50% approval rating).

Republicans are openly bemoaning the Great American pivot moment in health care now that it was signed into law.  Some are calling the “Repeal the Bill” Movement by Boehner and others politically simplistic, and instead are advocating a more refined message of opposing and asking for the repeal of some parts of the bill while keeping other aspects still in law.

Obama is on the road selling the health care bill.  The media is finally reporting what is actually in the bill.  And the Republicans are wrestling with how they could oppose small business tax cuts that will reduce the cost of providing health insurance by a third for small businesses.

We’re going to continue to see movement on Obama and health care.

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