Like fine wine, Lee Fisher’s inherent qualities only get better with age.? They distill down to a perfection.? With Lee’s demand for an ODP endorsement last week, and his arrogant climb down today, Lee’s true colors shine through, in particular, how and why he always loses.

Lee Fisher assumes he’s won before he’s actually won, every single time.? This assumption governs everything in any campaign Lee is conducting, right up until reality smacks Lee in the face.? At which point, Lee then goes to desperation tactics, which themselves backfire, but more importantly, reveal Lee’s inner character beyond any doubt.

Lee has looked past this primary May 4 since day one.? That has always been a colossal error.? This error dawned on Lee last week.? Lee’s response was to desperately attempt to strong arm his way into a cheaper postage rate.? The desperation was so evident that 74,000 emails were sent to the executive committee Lee still claims are in his pocket.

Perhaps they aren’t.? They know Lee Fisher, too, and they just found out how high a price there will be to pay for Lee Fisher’s incompetence, via hundreds and hundreds of emails into their inboxes.? Bailing Lee Fisher out of yet another flawed assumption ain’t worth it.? Not for the ODP executive committee, not for ODP itself, and not for our ticket.

So Lee sends out another letter, dripping with a condescension exceeded only by his stooge Bill Demora’s childish response to the plain fact that Democrats in Ohio are not interested in bailing Lee out, either.? The end result – another Lee Fisher created clusterfuck, resulting in another Lee Fisher failure.

Here’s what I think happened.? Ted Strickland took one look at his inbox, and told Lee Fisher that he would not support an endorsement. ? I actually believe Lee Fisher when he says he has the votes.? The vast majority of the people on the ODP executive committee are as addicted to Lee Fisher moonshine as Lee himself.? They’re the ones who benefit from blowing smoke up Lee’s ass, they’re the ones who bend to Lee’s threats, they’re the ones who think Bill Demora saying “blah blah blah” is an appropriate response to the grassroots, they’re the ones who are so cowardly they can’t even stand to keep their Twitter feeds public when someone calls them on their horseshit.

Luckily, the rest of the Ohio Democratic Party, us voters, have an ally in Ted Strickland, who will be most hurt by an idiotic party split precipitated by Lee Fisher’s incompetent miscalculating and arrogant entitlement complex.

Thanks, Ted.? You did the right thing, for you, and for our party.? You probably just made Jennifer Brunner our nominee for US Senate.

  • albertgabel

    This is typical Lee Fisher. It is difficult to think anyone wod ikehim as U. S. Senator. He would add to the partisonship and hatred in Washington. JenniferBrunner would get thins done by kindnes and cooperation with even unreasonable opponenents in the devisive Senate.
    Al Gabel

  • Patrick R. Saunders

    As someone who spent over 35 years laboring in the vineyards of the Democratic Party in Ohio, from canvasser to County Chair, I can tell you that the main product of it is acrimony, opportunism, and a lack of connection to the grass roots.
    I worked for Lee's election for Guv in 1998, and have known him since he was elected to the AG by a landslide in 1990. My most frequent memory of him is that it was impossible for Lee to sound like he was talking off of the cuff, because he came across as very polyethylenish. His favorite campaign story was about the expert athlete who always knew what was best for the team and then one day dropped his hotdog when asked to play. I heard this story in the context of football, basketball and baseball scenarios, time after time after time.
    Now, I have left the D party, because the leadership is not capable of making hard decisions on restoring tax fairness in a state facing a 8 Billion dollar deficit in 2011, we can be sure that the rich and big corporations will continue to ride on the backs of working and middle class's backs and that the poor will be hammered with sales tax increases that will further erode their plunging standard of living in Ohio.
    I am an teacher at BGSU, after reinventing myself when I was downsized in 2001 by going back to school and earning a graduate degree. My students are being saddled with an enormous debt that the governor or the party have no interest in addressing, as the guv's education czar commented when he was at BG, “students have to realize the higher education is costly.” My answer to that idiotic statement is that they know it better than anyone in the state Capitol, as student tuition and fees account for over 70% of the public universities revenue stream, the state's share is less than 30% and is even worse at some, OSU it is 13%, Where does the students' $$ come from? Loans on top of loans, some being over $50K in debt for a bachelors degree. twice that for Masters and four or five times that for a MD, PhD, etc.

    The tax inequities in Ohio are atrocious, but we will see no help from the ODP, Ohio House and the Governor's office, because they are in the pocket of the rich and are addicted to those $10K checks from Buffy and Muffy big bucks.

    We are funding a war of no end with debt that my great grand children will be paying for and with the blood of a poverty draft. Where is the outcry? It might be that few if any of the folks at the top ever wore the uniform and in an all volunteer era, are confident that their children will not have to do the heavy lifting and dying in some shit hole far from home. But they will all solemnly pontificate about fighting for our freedoms, what stinking freedom? The freedom to lose everything you worked for, to see your children struggle in the new “post 9/11 normal?”

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