One of the enduring mysteries of the Lee Fisher campaign for US Senate – where is all that money going?? Lee’s burn rate is pretty remarkable for a campaign doing almost no voter contact.? Yesterday’s episode of Lee Fisher UNBLOGGED! revealed that Lee Fisher’s paid county coordinators are fleeing his campaign after being completely ignored for months.? That’s one place the money is going.? Another place?

Lee Fisher has been paying for robocalls to every county party executive committee that holds an endorsement vote.? The problem?? They aren’t working.? Cuyahoga County did not endorse in the US Senate race.? Mahoning County ended up issuing a dual endorsement.? I wouldn’t be surprised if right now, Lee is paying for robocalls to the ODP executive committee, even while the Brunner campaign has had volunteers send out 74,000 emails themselves demanding no endorsement. In fact, in one county, the robocalls were so annoying, Lee actually had to personally apologize to the executive committee for the robocalls.? Which county was that?

Wood County, an endorsement which went to Jennifer Brunner.? Not only did Lee Fisher pay county coordinators, not only did he pay for robocalls to get an endorsement he lost, but the Wood County endorsement story is one for the books.? Stay tuned for the next episode of Lee Fisher UNBLOGGED! – the Wood County FAILapalooza.