It turns out the backlash from the recent Health Care Reform bill is much worse than even the most vocal opponents predicted – and it is happening much sooner than anyone would have guessed.

In Knox County Ohio yesterday the County Democratic Party Headquarters was tagged with a warning message by what we can only assume to be the ruthless gang calling itself the Dorks.

The Knox County sheriff’s office has so far refused to comment on the situation. But a person close to the investigation has informed us that the style in which the tag was written, with a large KS at the end, is a clear indication that this is the work of the notorious Kansas City Dorks. “We haven’t seen the Dorks operating this far east before, but I can’t say it’s surprising,” our source said. “The Dorks provide their gang members with a very high quality health care plan – and I’m sure they are worried about the impact this health care legislation is going to have on their premiums.”

Plunderbund’s senior investigative team will be following up on the story and will bring you breaking news as it arrives.