Mr. Limbaugh,

With the passage of the Health Care Reform bill it’s my understanding that you will now be moving to Costa Rica. Because you are a great patriot who loves his country above all else, I fully expect you will keep your promise – and I can’t blame you.

How can anyone possibly want to stay here now knowing that America is doomed to continue down this irreversible downward Marxist spiral into Fascism caused by our Nazi Socialist Racist Chicago Thug President?

As a real patriot, your only option is to leave the country when you disagree with the policies of the current administration.

As a fellow patriot, I would be honored if you’d let me buy you a first class ticket to Costa Rica using my Sky Miles.

How does this Saturday work for you?

I’ve already researched the flights…

Delta 1528 leaves Palm Beach at 6:50am and, after a quick stop in Atlanta, Delta 413 will have you in San Jos? in time for lunch.

Please email me as soon as possible and I will book the flights.


  • See? The sneaky thing he did on this was to say “…and if in 5 years all of these things are implemented…”

    Easy out clause. He said he'd move in 5 years if all the things in the bill have been implemented. By then he's hoping nobody remembers.

  • Offer still stands. Free first class ticket wherever he wants to move.

  • You know the best part? Costa Rica's incoming President is socialist, and a woman. And they have universal health care! And is the “greenest” country in the world! They have no military, and many industries are nationalized.

    However, they do have a few features that are sure to appeal to Rush. They are more white than the US, have high poverty and class distinction, and have an established state religion. True, it's Roman Catholic and not Protestant, but at least it's Christian.

    Oh, and only 10% of the population speaks English, and Spanish is the official language. So I'm guessing all those white folk don't actually count as white since they don't speak English.

  • Totally. I'm good for the vodka the entire way to wash down the Hillbilly Heroin?. Come on, Rush. This is becoming a sweet deal here!

  • Guys, I've got to come clean. I'm Rush Limbaugh. When do I get my ticket?

  • That's it! I'll even pay for Spanish classes for El Rushbo. Eh, Rushie?

  • ROFL. You dig it the most!

  • norris hall

    He’s changed his mind. Tonight he said “We must WIPE THEM OUT!”
    He’s sounding more like a terrorist everyday.

  • mvirenicus

    i couldn't find any solid info after a cursory google, but i remember reading an article several years ago that left the distinct impression rush is jewish.

  • Methodist

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, orthodox, conservative, methodist…

  • Also a big plus for Rush: drugs that require a prescription in the US can be purchased over-the-counter in Costa Rica.

  • John

    I'm goona get a shortwave (HAM) radio at Radio Shack so I can continue listening to Rush. Nah, maybe not

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  • BarackHusseinObama


  • G.Cano

    We don't want Rush Limbaugh in Costa Rica. Keep him with you!! Forever!!

  • Kika

    Ok, I am from Costa Rica, and we don't need this guy on our beloved country, and yes, our incoming President is a Woman, and she is a social-democrat! We have Social security, UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. A man with that stupid ideas is NOT welcome here!

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