Next time Republicans think they can outlast Barack Obama, I refer them to the above video.

Punch all you want, as hard as you want.

Lie all you want.

Scream all you want.

Shiver with rage.? Sweat with fevered hysteria.? Spit.? Wield guns.? Invoke Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Che Guevera, your fucking grandmother if you want.? Turn red in the face, that’s our favorite.

Wave any flag you want, paint swastikas on it.? Hammers and sickles, yeah, that’s the ticket.? Toss in a few pictures from Buchenwald.? Goose step, be my guest.

Touch on all the hot buttons.? Fellate yourselves over the whereabouts of other peoples’ private parts.? Call us all wetbacks, find your favorite copy of a birth certificate.? Wipe your ass with it.

Yell “tyranny!”, yell it loud.? No, louder.? Grab a bull horn. Yell nigger.? Yell faggot.? Make sure you get on TV when you do, that’s even better.

After you’ve done that for more than a year, I refer you to the above video.

Meet the mat.

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  • They thought they won during the summer of their discontent. Now their convinced they'll win in 2010. Simple people, really.

  • Everyone will discover there is no death panel, no government take over, just easier access for people with preexisting conditions, tax breaks for small business and better protections for patients.

    Suddenly, all of the other achievements since inauguration will suddenly seem more significant to the media (because the story will change from why washington cant get anything done, to how Obama and the Dems achieved historic reform).

    If the economic recovery gains steam, this could be the beginning of a seas change in public opinion. This could become the turning point for a Democratic victory in November.

    It is time for perceptions to match reality.

  • Spot on, Matt! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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