Well, maybe Steve Driehaus read this post. Or maybe he just came to his senses.? But there he was, on every cable news channel, announcing a YES vote today on health care reform, waving some ridiculous, redundant, unnecessary executive order language they all claim solves their non-existent problem.

Thank you, Steve, for doing the right thing.? You could help in the future by noting that your “principled” stand on preventing federal funding for abortion was a total fiction, that you were pandering to your pro-life teabaggers, letting them believe the fiction, and that you were an opportunistic game player the entire time.? That would be nice.? Not gonna hold my breath on that one, though.? Just happy to see you plan to be a Democrat today.

This leaves Zack Space as the sole member of the Ohio Democratic delegation voting “no”.? That’s gonna be a lonely place, Zack.