When I heard that Steve Driehaus was now voting for the health care bill, my first thought was: “Did anyone tell Zach Space?”

As difficult of a job John Boccieri has in explaining his “no” to “yes” switch, Space has an even harder job justifying his switch to no as he’s a salmon swimming against the political stream.? That, Space should note, is when bears are most likely going to kill a salmon.

The political debate is largely over.?? Coverage over the Tea Party, death panels, the ads, the spinning, and the spending will take a break until it all starts up again after Labor Day leading to the election.? During that time, the media coverage is going to pivot away from process to substance… because the process is ending.

And poll after poll has shown one truth about the politics of health care reform, when the focus is on policy substance, Democrats do much better.

For perhaps the first time, the American people will get an answer to a question the media has all-too-often ignored:? “What, exactly, is in this bill?”

And the truth is that it’s not a Maoist, Marxist, or Communist plot.

The final bill has not yet passed the House, let alone the Senate.? But the GOP post-mortem has already begun.

This bill is historic, as imperfect as it may be.? But it is, by far, the biggest advancement in social policy in my lifetime.

Nancy Pelosi marched today with the Democratic congressional leadership with the gavel used in the 1965 Medicare vote.

Most of our readership, I’d dare say, wasn’t alive, or politically aware, when Medicare was enacted.? Just as I cannot imagine a world in which seniors cannot get quality health care, my son is going to live in a world where the denial of health care in this country is going to be a foreign concept to him.

And that’s why you’ll see two historical moments on the House floor today: 1) comprehensive health care reform becomes law; 2) America sees a pale John Boehner.

Because the entire political universe in this country is going to flip from where it was just a year ago.? A President who seemed wounded by a health care debate mired in rhetoric will be seen as an effective leader who is getting his agenda through Congress.? Hell, even Harry Reid, is starting to look like an effective legislative leader.? This one bill will change voters minds about whether or not Congress can get things done.

And someday, Zack Space will have his grandchild on his knee telling him about how he was in Congress when history was made.

The only question is which vote will Space tell his grandchildren about?

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