After House Minority Leader John Boehner decries “back room” deals to get health care reform passed, Boehner votes against the reconciliation bill… which removes those very “back room” deals.

We’ve seen a Member of Congress who marched for civil rights forty years ago be spat upon and another called a nigger, like we haven’t changed as a society since Selma.

We’ve seen a defeated and pallor John Boehner scream and rant about Democrats not listening to Republicans about a health care bill that was virtually modeled after the GOP health care bill offered as an alternative in the 1990s to President Clinton’s universal health care plan and had over 200 GOP amendments.

We saw Bart Stupak… Bart Stupak called a “baby killer” for voting for a bill that upholds the Hyde Amendment. 

Earlier today, a Republican from Louisana actually interrupted Ed Schultz to mention that one major component of the bill– that allows young adults to stay on their parent’s health insurance longer–was actually a Republican idea… that he’d go on to vote against.

The Republicans are betting long that the American people are going to care more about the process in which the bill was passed (which is no different than any major legislation has undergone) and the party-line vote than what the bill actually does.

When does Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann expected to be hauled in front of some federal “death panel?”

(For the record: Space voted against the Senate bill and reconciliation.)

Space joins the GOP in voting against ending lifetime limits in health care coverage, ending pre-existing conditions discrimination, and stands shoulder to shoulder with John Boehner against reform.

I’ll write more later why I thought Space was willing to risk the wrath of the labor unions and his Democratic constituents and campaign supporters.

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