All statewide campaigns go about a process of identifying key volunteers in each county to name a “county coordinator”.? Especially early in a campaign, such people are the building block of a field effort before the campaign can organize and fund a paid field staff operation.? They are usually leaders within the local county party who support the candidate, and are listed as “coordinators” for anyone who wants to volunteer locally.

They are almost never paid.? That is, until Lee Fisher starting running for US Senate.

I haven’t been able to find out what Lee paid these “coordinators”, but my understanding is that they were cut a one time check from Lee Fisher’s campaign in exchange for being a “coordinator”.? Not a paycheck, mind you.? These weren’t jobs, in the sense that the campaign now had staff.? Just a check, I guess a kind of “thank you”.

Apparently, once the check was written, that was the last time many of the “coordinators” heard from the Lee Fisher campaign.? We’re talking months.? How do we know this?? Because on at least two occasions, such “coordinators” became so frustrated with never, ever hearing from Lee Fisher’s campaign, that they simply switched sides and are now supporters of Jennifer Brunner’s run for US Senate.

Sure sounds like a campaign ODP should endorse, doesn’t it!? Meanwhile, Amy Groya, who in response to the deluge from Brunner supporters, has claimed to not be on the Executive Committee, nor on Lee’s paid staff, despite announcing precisely that to several commenters, ….Amy Groya has now protected her Twitter feed, from which she was whining yesterday about Brunner’s campaign to prevent an ODP endorsement.

Next episode of Lee Fisher UNBLOGGED!….the robocalls!

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