Looking like today will be an historic day.? Years of battles with obstructionist GOPers and recent intense months of continued obstruction and tea bagger insanity gives way to the passage of healthcare reform.? Marcy Kaptur backs away from the Stupak bridge to announce she’s on board.? John Larson says the votes are in hand.? We’ll know this evening whether this was true.? I’m hearing 217-214 in a stunning display of partisan obstructionism on the part of Republicans.

The good news is that our own John Boehner will be proved a spectacular failure in declaring the bill will “ruin our country”.? A bold statement that will some day prove to be as ridiculous as we know it is.

Cantor and company continue to prey on the fear that they’ve stoked these many months.? The only reason any American is “full of fear” about health care legislation is because goons like Cantor and his mouthpiece on Fox News Glenn Beck have been making sustained attempts to scare the living shit out of people about something that will ultimately benefit everyone…and most likely those they are pumping full of fear the most.

Shaping up to be a pretty historic day.? We may just turn back the bastards afterall and get this done!

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