Is the Pope Catholic?  (Those who don’t believe in the Vatican II need not answer.)

I’ve noticed that Fox News has been running three shots throughout the day.

The main shot is of the Fox host and whomever they’re interviewing.  Off in the distance, you can see a large crowd in the Mall.

The smaller picture is the events on the House floor.  Then there’s a close up shot of the Tea Party anti-health care protestors.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but Fox News has a documented history of presenting the anti-health care crowds being larger than usual.

Like any weekend in Washington, there’s more than one political protest going on today.

The Washington Post reports that “tens of thousands” of supporters (the organizers claim over 200,000) are protesting today in D.C. in favor of Obama’s immigration reform plan.

I got to say, they picked a bad weekend to do it, because the media has no ability to consider anything beyond health care reform right now.  North Korea could be launching a nuclear strike against Japan right now, and we wouldn’t know it because we’ve got to discuss how monumental Stupak’s announcement today was.

Anyway, the larger crowd shots serving as a backdrop of Fox News coverage of the health care debate is likely people who aren’t even there protesting about health care reform as the Washington Post estimates the anti-health care crowd as being only “several hundred.”

I simply cannot believe that Fox News would set to broadcast the way they are without mentioning the crowd behind them is for a different protest unless they wanted to create the false impression they were.

I know, Fox News, caught subtly suggesting opposition to health care reform is more widespread than it is?  I’m shocked.

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