Listening to Jean Schmidt on MSNBC, who knew that Jean Schmidt would support health care reform but for the lack of the Stupak Amendment in it?

What’s that you say?? She voted against the health care bill in the House after the Stupak Amendment was agreed to?

Does anyone buy this press conference?

These are the same Republicans who glorified the executive orders and signing statements used by the Bush Administration in the War on Terror?…

Irony abounds.

[Update:]? Jean Schmidt and Michelle Bachman within inches of one another.? If they make contact, it could cause a black hole of wingnuttiness that could end all existence.

Listen to Bachman talking about the “rule of law,” is funny.? An Executive Order is law.? It’s Executive Branch law.? These people are idiots.

If Michelle Bachman doesn’t believe that the Executive Branch does not make law when it issues an Executive Order or writes a regulation then she lacks the mental capacity to serve in Congress.

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