This is dishonest even by Naugle’s “standards.”  Naugle cites the National Review’s post claiming that the Washington Post has reported that the CBO score is filled with “accounting gimmicks.”

All of this scheming and maneuvering is catching up with them. The Washington Post reports today that CBO now says the latest version of the Democratic plan will no longer cut the deficit as the Democrats have claimed.

Click on the link for the WasPo there. It’s a story dated March 17 . . . before the CBO score was released.  The story itself is nothing more than a reporter’s preview of the CBO score and what she expected it to find.

Except at the time, the reporter didn’t even have the actual language of the reconciliation bill as it wasn’t publicly released until AFTER the CBO score was released.

Naugle and the National Review are (I know, shocking!) lying.  Naugle must be a moral relativist… because he obviously does not believe there’s such a concept as objective truth to write something so blatantly dishonest.

CBO is a non-issue, if you don’t care about the truth.  This bill is not only fully paid for, but according to the CBO, it will massively reduce the deficit and extend the solvency of Medicare (something Naugle and the National Review have zero interest in.)

Meanwhile, you’d think it’s two weeks before the general election if you watched the local television stations in Cincinnati.   Steve Driehaus’ fence sitting is selling out ads quickly.  Rough count but it’s easily 4-1 ads against the bill and targeting Driehaus specifically.

Although the few ads in favor of health care reform is going straight to the heart of Driehaus’ publicly stated reason for possibly voting no:

I’m still wondering if the Democrats have been pivoting to let Democrats like Driehaus and Space (who also is reported leaning no) off the hook.

In addition to Space and Driehad, Marcy Kaptur is still on the fence.  Latest reports indicate Kaptur is leaning yes, though.

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