This is just sublime.? Bill Demora, who is the only person on earth who could stomach driving Lee Fisher around for more than 45 seconds, which he did for years, is outed as the guy who is now so enraged by the hundreds of emails from Brunner supporters, he’s getting pissy.

Can anyone imagine this much email going out for Lee Fisher, ever, for any reason?? We’re down to Bill Demoura getting Lee’s back, and according to Potts, whiny ODP Exec Comm voter Amy Groya, who is on Lee’s campaign staff [UPDATE: Groya is now claiming she is neither on the ODP Exec Comm, nor Fisher’s campaign.? Flee!].? Which means Lee’s not down to much at all.

And ODP is about to endorse that level of patheticness.? Awesome.

  • Anthony

    Amy Groya says that she does not work for the Fisher Campaign, she responded to my e-mail through Brunners website.

  • Yes, since promoting that forum topic there's been some questions. I'm sorting through it. But it seems uncontested that:

    She resigned her old position with the college Dems to work on the Fisher campaign. I'm not sure if she ever did.

    She may or may not be on the executive committee, but will be replaced soon.

  • JeremySC

    I am on Twitter @jsboom, I was the first person demeaned by DeMora.

    Time for change in the ODP.

  • factchecker

    Groya is on the 2009 roster for ODP Exec Comm- I'm looking at all her contact info as we speak- so unless she quit the comm. it is unlikely that she is no longer a member

  • Dustin

    Amy and I spoke at the ODP Christmas Party in December and she informed me she was quitting College Dems to accept a paid position in the Fisher finance team.

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  • …and I thought a second round blowout in the tournament would be all the fun I had this weekend. 😉

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