Stay tuned!? While the world thought that the Ohio Democratic Primary for US Senate in 2010 would be a nice quiet tip toe through the tulips of democracy, a lot of stories about the Lee Fisher campaign have gone unblogged.? Now that Lee Fisher is trying to throw a stink bomb into our tulip patch, by forcing ODP to endorse him, well, that’s over.

Today, I announce the Lee Fisher UNBLOGGED! series.? Stories Lee Fisher probably doesn’t want to see blogged, and wouldn’t have seen blogged if he’d just act like an adult, but will now see blogged because he insists on getting ODP to endorse his campaign of epic fail.

First episode tomorrow….the paid “coordinators”!? It’s a tale of daring do, thrills and spills around every corner, and of course, the Lee Fisher FAIL TRAIN makes its inevitable appearance.


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s better than Cats.

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