A few months ago I would have forgiven John Kasich for not being fully engaged. It was early in campaign and Ted’s numbers were low and the economy sucked and the best thing for John to do was shut up and let things roll along. We’re moving into the spring right now and I’m still waiting for John to step up and take a stand on something, anything. But it seems like he still thinks he can ride through to victory by not actually doing any work.

I know I’m not the first one to point out that John Kasich acts like a bored rich kid who spent his whole life being told he was special; the kid who gets everything he ever wanted handed to him on a silver platter but still ends up getting angry and punching the butler because the platter has a small smudge on it.

Sellouts like carpetblogger IM DoucheBox (AKA Jon Keeling) continue to defend Kasich’s lazy, disengaged, direct-to-video style of campaigning, but more intelligent and realistic Republicans like Scott Pullins, Buckeye Rino and even Kyle Sisk have pointed out that John Kasich has a tendency to act like a lazy frat boy who refuses to do any actual work and can be a huge fucking asshole to the people who are supposed to be his friends.

The guy hasn’t run for office in a long time so maybe he’s just forgotten how much effort it really takes. Or maybe he’s still getting up to speed with modern political campaigning – things have changed a lot in the past decade. Maybe he still thinks he works at Lehman Bros and he should be getting ridiculously large paychecks for doing nothing at all. Maybe his overblown sense of self importance has blinded him to the fact that there are a lot of Republicans out there who think he’s kind of a dick. I’m not sure of the reason(s), but it’s becoming painfully obvious that John Kasich doesn’t think he needs to actually work for our vote, or even for the votes of the people in his own party.

So far John has shown he’s not willing to put in the time or effort necessary to run for any public office let alone the top job in the state, and the stories I heard in a recent Dispatch Podcast seem to back this up.

Buckeye Forum #72

In this podcast produced by Columbus Dispatch political reporters, Joe Hallett and Mark Niquette discuss recent party dinners they attended with Strickland and Kasich. Both reporters seem to agree that John Kasich’s behavior at these dinners leaves a lot to be desired.

When Governor Strickland accepts an event invitation he drives across the state to attend. He shows up on time, greets all of the other people in attendance, sits at a table and eats dinner with the other guests, listens to 2+ hours of other people speaking and stands to give his speech at the end of the night. All things one would expect from the candidate at the top of the party’s ticket.

But John Kasich seems to have his own ‘style’.

When John shows up to party dinner events he also shakes some hands. But he then insists on speaking first – often before dinner is even served.

John Kasich never sits down and eats with the people at the dinner. He never listens to other people speak. And as soon as he is done speaking he immediately leaves.

Sure, the food probably sucks and the speeches are amazingly boring and the people you’re sitting with at dinner probably want something from you.

But you know what? That’s the job of a candidate. Suck it up and do the work or give up and go home.

At the end of the day attending a party dinner is much less work than actually governing the State of Ohio.

And if you can’t at least show up and eat dinner with your friends, if you can’t handle something as simple as this with at least a little tact and a minimal amount of class, if you can’t at least feign a tiny bit of respect for the people who actually support you – how the hell can we expect you to deal with the long hours and the stress and the difficulty and the complexity of the top job in the state?

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