Multiple sources are confirming that within the first hour of Brunner’s email to her supporters, ODP Executive Committee members’ email inboxes are being hammered with not dozens, but hundreds of emails asking them to stay out of the US Senate primary in Ohio.? By the time this thing finishes rolling out, I would not be surprised if some email accounts literally get shut down.

Ted Strickland needs to step in right now and bring this endorsement process to a halt.

Ted’s about to lose half of his political party right before a tough re-election battle.? That’s the short term.? Medium term, if Lee Fisher gets this blatantly stitched up ODP endorsement, and wins this primary, that half of the party will lift precisely zero fingers for this ticket.? The long term effects of Lee’s little game will stick around for years.? Jennifer Garrison’s saga last year is a direct result of this exact? endorsement process in the 2006 AG race – the 2006 ODP endorsement for Marc Dann not only gave us Marc Dann and pineapple pizzas, it resulted in Subodh Chandra spending 3 years telling everyone within ear shot how Garrison declared no one where she came from would vote for someone “who looks like you”.? ODP paid for the Rob Burch endorsement in 1994 for more than a decade.? These battles do not disappear.

I’m getting conflicting reports about where Chris Redfern and his votes on the executive committee stand in all this, but I am confident that if this endorsement happens for Lee Fisher, Chris Redfern’s days as chairman of ODP are numbered.? Whether or not Redfern tried stave off this endorsement and is only being forced to go there now, or kept it in the pocket until this point for some bizarre reason, an endorsement now is just ODP suicide.

And Lee Fisher?? Sir, you are a fool.? You have conducted your primary campaign as if you had won it already, and now you are telling the world that you really haven’t won it, that ODP’s postage rate has to come to your rescue, and that you are so desperate you feel the need to split ODP deep and long to pull your ass out of the fire.? If in fact you were on your way to winning anyway, Lee, that just changed.? Because of your actions.

Ted – time to step in and do the right thing.