From the daily archives: Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is just sublime.? Bill Demora, who is the only person on earth who could stomach driving Lee Fisher around for more than 45 seconds, which he did for years, is outed as the guy who is now so enraged by the hundreds of emails from Brunner supporters, he’s getting pissy.

Can anyone imagine this much email going out for Lee Fisher, ever, for any reason?? We’re down to Bill Demoura getting Lee’s back, and according to Potts, whiny ODP Exec Comm voter Amy Groya, who is on Lee’s campaign staff [UPDATE: Groya is now claiming […]

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Only at ODB.? Greatness.

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A few months ago I would have forgiven John Kasich for not being fully engaged. It was early in campaign and Ted’s numbers were low and the economy sucked and the best thing for John to do was shut up and let things roll along. We’re moving into the spring right now and I’m still waiting for John to step up and take a stand on something, anything. But it seems like he still thinks he can ride through to victory by not actually doing any work.

I know I’m not the first one to point out that John Kasich […]

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This is unprecedented.

If today was like this, Monday should be a peach.

I wonder how many ODP executive committee members will show up at work on Monday to find their email shut down?

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Multiple reports of ODP excutive committee email accounts being shut down by the volume of emails from Jennifer Brunner supporters demanding no endorsement in the Senate primary.? Perhaps ODP Executive Committee member Amy Groya’s email account is one of them.

Probably wanna redirect that anger, Amy.

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Multiple sources are confirming that within the first hour of Brunner’s email to her supporters, ODP Executive Committee members’ email inboxes are being hammered with not dozens, but hundreds of emails asking them to stay out of the US Senate primary in Ohio.? By the time this thing finishes rolling out, I would not be surprised if some email accounts literally get shut down.

Ted Strickland needs to step in right now and bring this endorsement process to a halt.

Ted’s about to lose half of his political party right before a tough re-election battle.? That’s the short term.? Medium […]

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Go to, sign the petition, and click “next”.? You will then be able to email a letter to every single member of the ODP executive committee for whom the Brunner campaign has an email address.? Browse the list – you can even decide who you want to get your email, and who you don’t want to get your email.? I, of course, emailed all of them.? So should you – tell them in no uncertain terms, an ODP endorsement in the US Senate primary, this late in the game, is a very bad idea.

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Stay tuned!? While the world thought that the Ohio Democratic Primary for US Senate in 2010 would be a nice quiet tip toe through the tulips of democracy, a lot of stories about the Lee Fisher campaign have gone unblogged.? Now that Lee Fisher is trying to throw a stink bomb into our tulip patch, by forcing ODP to endorse him, well, that’s over.

Today, I announce the Lee Fisher UNBLOGGED! series.? Stories Lee Fisher probably doesn’t want to see blogged, and wouldn’t have seen blogged if he’d just act like an adult, but will now see blogged because he […]

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This is dishonest even by Naugle’s “standards.”  Naugle cites the National Review’s post claiming that the Washington Post has reported that the CBO score is filled with “accounting gimmicks.”

All of this scheming and maneuvering is catching up with them. The Washington Post reports today that CBO now says the latest version of the Democratic plan will no longer cut the deficit as the Democrats have claimed.

Click on the link for the WasPo there. It’s a story dated March 17 . . . before the CBO score was released.  The story itself is nothing more than […]

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