John Boccieri announced today that he will support the reconciliation Health Care reform bill this weekend, after voting against the House bill just a few months ago.

With Kucinich also switching, Ohio’s congressional delegation will support Health Care Reform with more votes than it did in the House bill (even if Driehaus switches to No.)

Driehaus is still not a certain no, but the New York Times wrote that part of the angling to get Democrats in safe districts like Kucinich to vote yes was to permit a number of defections in marginal or Republican leading district like– Driehaus.

The reason the anti-Health Care forces lost Boccieri is that he realized what we all said at the time– his opponents are going to attack him regardless of what he did, and they did absolutely nothing to “reward” him for his prior “No” vote.

So, why vote for your enemy when you can vote to win back your friends?

Right now, Boccieri needs as many friends as he can get.

Help him out. (I just made a modest donation myself.)

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