Lee Fisher proves once again he is all about himself.? I’ve got good sourcing telling me that Fisher sent a letter to ODP chair Chris Redfern requesting the ODP endorsement.? Twelve days before early voting starts, and about 6 weeks before the primary.? If that’s not a sign of a pathetic campaign in big trouble, I don’t know what is.

If ODP knows what’s good for it, the executive committee which meets on March 24 to decide this issue will refuse that request.? If not on principle, then there are plenty of reasons to avoid what would be a blood letting for the next 6 weeks.? It is way too late in the game for a statewide candidate who hasn’t even gotten the endorsement of his own county party to come begging for help.? This party was cruising to a quiet primary allowing the voters to decide who our US Senate candidate would be, united for a tough general election against a Republican Party well on its way toward its own collapse.

Now Lee Fisher wants to have a blood bath.? Well, he’s gonna get it.? I will refer you to Jennifer Garrison, Lee.? We are in the process of getting the lists of every member of the executive committee, and if that committee votes on March 24 to create a screening committee, we’ll get that list too.

Big mistake, Lee.? Big one.

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