I must say, watching a small government conservative who’s spent his entire life sucking on the government teat argue for John Kasich can get tedious.? But this level of hypocrisy, to the point of personally embodying every level of fiction that Republicanism has become, does have its good days.

Like today, as Jon Keeling goes catatonic over John Kasich’s claiming that, unlike Ted Strickland, he’d know the names of everyone he met with, while not knowing the names of anyone he was meeting with at the moment he claimed it.? That, in itself, is sublime.? Keeling’s response?

For those unclear of what I mean when I say “false equivalence”, equivalence is defined as such:?the state or fact of being equivalent; equality in value, force, significance, etc.?Falsely equivocating something encourages the perception that two situations are “equal in significance”, when in reality, they aren’t.

Yes, Jon Keeling, whose ideology if he lived by it would make Keeling unemployed, is lecturing on something that he claims is “false”.? Not even by reading Alice in Wonderland on acid can you disappear this far into cosmic folds in the time space continuum. Maybe I should try it sometime!? Wait….never mind, I have Jon Keeling for that.

In the world of mainstream journalism, these kind of petty gotcha games based on false equivalence are what continues to push readers away.

Someone pass the bong.

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