In a meeting yesterday with the Dayton Daily News yesterday John Kasich attacked Governor Strickland, blaming him for not doing enough to bring NCR to our state. ?If they weren?t answering my calls I?d be starting to call boards of directors. I?d know the people?s names that I was meeting with. I?d show up on time for a meeting”, Kasich said.

John’s friends at Fox News would have let this comment slide by. The small town paper reporters that John normally talks to just let him ramble on about the evils of the Strickland Administration and the terrible state of our State under Ted. But not the news staff at the Dayton Daily News. Nope. They responded to John Kasich EXACTLY how a reporter should: with a relevant follow up question…

… when asked if he knew the names of all five people sitting at the Dayton Daily News meeting ? including editorial page editor Ellen Belcher ? Kasich admitted that he did not. And, Kasich called one writer by the wrong name three times.

Kasich also blamed a doctor?s appointment for his late arrival to the March 18 meeting.

And now we know why Kasich’s staff keeps him away from the press.