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I must say, watching a small government conservative who’s spent his entire life sucking on the government teat argue for John Kasich can get tedious.? But this level of hypocrisy, to the point of personally embodying every level of fiction that Republicanism has become, does have its good days.

Like today, as Jon Keeling goes catatonic over John Kasich’s claiming that, unlike Ted Strickland, he’d know the names of everyone he met with, while not knowing the names of anyone he was meeting with at the moment he claimed it.? That, in itself, is sublime.? Keeling’s response?

For those […]

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[I stopped working for the Brunner campaign, so this is just my unpaid position.  I only mention it before a bunch of idiots thought this was paid for by the Brunner campaign.]

Premise 1:  Lee Fisher has been hounding ODP Chairman Chris Redfern and the members of the ODP Executive Committee individually for over a year to get them to endorse him over Jennifer Brunner.

Premise 2:  These folks have surely gotten tired of hearing about this.

Premise 3:  Lee surely wouldn’t ask for an ODP endorsement unless he believed he obtained the necessary commitments that he’d likely get the […]

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Lee Fisher proves once again he is all about himself.? I’ve got good sourcing telling me that Fisher sent a letter to ODP chair Chris Redfern requesting the ODP endorsement.? Twelve days before early voting starts, and about 6 weeks before the primary.? If that’s not a sign of a pathetic campaign in big trouble, I don’t know what is.

If ODP knows what’s good for it, the executive committee which meets on March 24 to decide this issue will refuse that request.? If not on principle, then there are plenty of reasons to avoid what would be a blood […]

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In a meeting yesterday with the Dayton Daily News yesterday John Kasich attacked Governor Strickland, blaming him for not doing enough to bring NCR to our state. ?If they weren?t answering my calls I?d be starting to call boards of directors. I?d know the people?s names that I was meeting with. I?d show up on time for a meeting”, Kasich said.

John’s friends at Fox News would have let this comment slide by. The small town paper reporters that John normally talks to just let him ramble on about the evils of the Strickland Administration and the terrible state of […]

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Worth. Every. Minute.

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John Boccieri announced today that he will support the reconciliation Health Care reform bill this weekend, after voting against the House bill just a few months ago.

With Kucinich also switching, Ohio’s congressional delegation will support Health Care Reform with more votes than it did in the House bill (even if Driehaus switches to No.)

Driehaus is still not a certain no, but the New York Times wrote that part of the angling to get Democrats in safe districts like Kucinich to vote yes was to permit a number of defections in marginal or Republican leading district like– […]

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Yesterday was a bad day for the Lee Fisher campaign.? Their first mailer hilariously hit mailboxes including Jennifer Brunner’s Rosie the Riveter logo.? But that wasn’t the big news.? I attended and voted in the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats May 4 primary endorsement meeting for Jennifer Brunner last night.? At least 60% (the threshold for endorsements) of the rest of the Stonewall Democrats present did too.? Which means Jennifer gets a major endorsement in Lee’s home county.

The US Senate race last night was the most hotly debated race on the May 4 ballot, but in the end, there was […]

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