You know, I used to think that “Scoop” Keeling was just a Kasich hack, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just an idiot.

Today, Keeling joined Matt Naugle in pushing the latest Josh Mandel press release against State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.? In this latest installment of “I really don’t know anything about the office I seek”, Mandel alleges that Boyce is holding up state banking contracts as a way to raise more money for his campaign.

Except that both Mandel, Naugle, and Keeling ignore the fact that the decision to delay the awarding the contracts was not Boyce’s alone… keep that in mind when you see Keeling make statements like:

It seems that while there is leeway for Boyce to make the decision he made, there is very little logical motivation for the delay, besides the accusation made by Mandel.

Mandel actually made the entirely laughable demand that his general election opponent REFUSE to accept any campaign donations until the Board awards these contracts (a restriction that Mandel, (amazingly!,) doesn’t place on himself or even suggested he’d do if elected.)

Well, the Carpetblogger need not go far to find out the answer as to why the State Board of Deposit decided to make the decision, which was unanimous.

Why not ask one of the other members of the Board of Deposit… But who could “Scoop” ask?

Well, he could ask this guy…

Attorney General Richard Cordray

But he’s a Democrat, so he’d probably just cover for Boyce.?

Gee, if only there was a Republican member on the Board of Deposit…. oh wait, there’s is…. now who is that person?

Where have I seen her before?

John Kasich for Governor - A New Way. A New Day

Oh, yeah….

So, there are only three possibilities.? Either:

1)? Kasich running mate/State Auditor Mary Taylor (R) is a willful participant in a grand conspiracy to assist Democratic State Treasurer Kevin Boyce raise money to defeat Republican Treasurer candidate Josh Mandel;

2) Mary Taylor is a clueless dolt who unknowingly aided State Treasurer Kevin Boyce in a Democratic conspiracy to raise more money to defeat the Republican candidate; or

3) Jon Keeling, Matt Naugle, and Josh Mandel are full of shit… again.

Because, and I’m going to say this sllllllooooooowwwwllly so the Virginia Carpetblogger can understand this since he’s apparently not up on what occurs in Ohio’s government:










So, of course, I look forward to Naugle and Keeling both publicly calling on the Kasich campaign to refuse and return any money from any PAC associated with any bank looking to be awarded a contract by Mary Taylor’s vote on the State Board of Deposit until these contracts are awarded.

And I can’t wait to hear someone in the media finally bother to ask Josh Mandel whether the Kasich campaign should refuse any campaign donations until May as well since Taylor herself has a vote in awarding these contracts.

I can’t wait for any of this stuff because I know it’ll never happen.

It’s all just election-year bullshit being paraded around as some scandal du jour? with no hint of the complete and utter ridiculousness of the charge.

Surprise, surprise, Jon Keeling gets yet another story completely wrong.? What is this, his fourth one in the past week?