“Scoop” Keeling, Matt Naugle, and Kyle Sisk get another one absolutely wrong.? After spending the last few weeks trying to turn a thwarted legal tobacco smuggling plot into the next Coingate, the Columbus Dispatch reports today what I said last week.

The biggest reason the bust couldn’t go through had nothing to do with the Governor or politics, it was because there were serious doubts that any criminal law would be broken under the plot.

“State officials now believe the plan involved tobacco ? not drugs.”

Actually, even that is inaccurate reporting.? From my sources, it was that everyone involved believed it was?likely that the item to be smuggled was tobacco all along.? It’s just that those pushing for the raid at the Governor’s Mansion held out the possibility that it might instead be drugs, while the rest of the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Public Safety did not think the proposed course of action was warranted given the probability that the item was only some cancer sticks.

The Dispatch also has finally reported that this was not a case of disagreement with civilian appointees in the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the uniformed officers of the Highway Patrol.? Instead, even the Highway Patrol’s Superintendent expressed “surprise” by the plan and was the person who instead advocated the “tell the inmate’s wife not to even think about it”.

Although the Dispatch notes that the Ohio Department of Public Safety kept the Governor’s Chief Legal Counsel, Kent Markus in the loop, the report lacks any indication that Mr. Markus, or the Governor’s office, in any way or form, attempted to influence the decision by the Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Public Safety on how to proceed.

In other words, there’s no evidence that Ken Marcus did anything but be briefed about the situation… which, as Chief Legal Counsel, was his job.

Just Thursday, “Scoop” Carpetblogger was suggesting that this was the makings of a felony conviction for Marcus over this particular story.? Today, the Dispatch essentially admits that they could find no involvement by Marcus, only that he was told what was going on and what law enforcement ultimately decided to do.

Nobody should ever believe any story being promoted by Keeling, Sisk, or Naugle.? That’s probably why they haven’t written one word about today’s Dispatch story.

First, Keeling and Naugle blatantly get the facts wrong about the ACORN settlement, now the thwarted tobacco raid (thwarted for that silly reason that law enforcement only investigates crimes.)? What’s next?

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