Update on vaudevillian post rec-list Kos banning!? This is too hilarious not to publish.

Mr. Russo,

You are, as you yourself point out, a previously banned user. We don’t permit banned users to return. The reason you were previously banned was not arbitrary. You posted despicable stuff, not just despicable but also inaccurate. And you got rightly tossed off the site for it. Since then you’ve sneaked back several times instead of apologizing for your over-the-line behavior and asking for reinstatement at the front door like a civilized person. And now we’re at fault for not helping you get elected?

Tim/aka Meteor Blades

Typical ad hominem bullying arbirtary crap, enforced by a guy, Tim Lee Lange, who doesn’t even blog using his own name.? I guess if you call out Jane Hamsher’s horseshit, that must be despicable and inaccurate in Tim Lange’s world.? Sneaked back?? That’s funny, I use my own name every time, Tim Lee Lange, why don’t you use yours?? And frankly, I don’t need Tim Lange’s help, or DailyKos’s, to get elected – my inner city district isn’t exactly parked at DailyKos waiting for the latest directive. ? Just trying to hold DailyKos to its own stated purpose, which is clearly just a bunch of hooey.

Farce.? Utter, comedic, farce.

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