Keeling wants to talk about parliamentary procedure like we’re all still nine-years old, and he just passed the 12th-grade civics proficiency exam.

He includes a video produced by the House Republicans decrying Speaker Pelosi’s plan of using the “self-executing” rule in the reconciliation process that wouldn’t require the House to necessarily pass the Senate version of the health care bill first.

He claims that this is an unconstitutional outrage and wholly unprecedented.

If by “wholly unprecedented” you mean used by the House Republicans MORE THAN THIRTY-FIVE TIMES in the last year they controlled the House, then Keeling would be right, according to Norman Ornstein, congressional scholar of the center-right American Enterprise Institute. It was challenged on constitutional grounds in the federal courts, and the House Republicans prevailed.

Can someone tell me what his job was with John Kasich’s congressional office?

Because it must not have had anything to do with legislative affairs.

You know how John Kasich and the Senate Republicans were able to pass their welfare reform without having to deal with a Democratic filibuster?? Yeah, Kasich used reconciliation.

Kasich used reconciliation to?attempt ?to:

  • Reform welfare.
  • Change Medicare into a purely State grant program.
  • Abolish the Department of Commerce.
  • Force the U.S. Department of Interior to allow drilling in ANWR.
  • Force the federal government to transfer federal lands in California to the State for the storage or low-level radioactive waste.
  • Increase the public debt.
  • Repeal the FDIC.
  • End direct student loans.
  • Federal tort reform.
  • Repeal the Earned Income Tax Credit to couples with no children.
  • Prohibit States from using federal funds to pay for any abortion or to assist in the purchase of any health benefit which might provide abortion coverage.
  • Urge that the President enforce economic sanctions against any country that assists Cuba and demanding that he seek a mandatory international embargo against Cuba.

And that’s all Kasich tried to do in just ONE reconciliation bill!

Let’s make this simple to understand:

Jon Keeling doesn’t have the slightest clue what he’s talking about… on anything, apparently.

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