I wonder how many other ex-Kasich Congressional staffers former Kasich Congressional staffer Jon Keeling is going to interview in three-parts to discuss just how awesome John Kasich was in Congress?

Amazingly, “Scoop” Keeling’s unprecedented ability to interview his ex-co-workers is nothing more than Kasich propaganda.

For Keeling to do an interview that suggested that the Clinton Administration was not serious about balancing the budget before 1994 ignores that the Clinton’s first budget did reduce the deficit substantially (even though Kasich said it wouldn’t and voted against it.)

Keeling’s interview glosses over another point: that had Congress passed Bill Clinton’s budgets as submitted, the surpluses in the 1990s would have occurred anyways.

The interviews actually proves that the Clinton White House economic projections were right and that the CBO was wrong.  Remember, Kasich’s own budgets at the time did not predict surpluses until sometime during the next Presidential Administration.

But stronger than expected economic growth lifted federal revenues creating surpluses, not anything John Kasich achieved.

John Kasich had no more to do with the federal surplus than Jon Keeling or John Ritter did.  It’s an economic fact.  Just ask the CATO Institute.

The Carpetblogger from Virginia can interview all his old Kasich colleagues all he wants.  It’s nothing more than revisionist history that ignores the fact that Bill Clinton won every budget battle against John Kasich.