From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So I’ve had a lot of people lately ask why I keep going back to DailyKos, and why I keep getting banned, and still going back for more.? Well, here’s the back story – super meta alert, but there’s some hilarity if you click through.

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John Kasich as Broccoli Man (don’t get it) and Mary Taylor as Firecracker Foxwoman (get it).

I doubt Kasich and Taylor have ever run from Joe Hallett, though.

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Deep thought

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I wonder how many other ex-Kasich Congressional staffers former Kasich Congressional staffer Jon Keeling is going to interview in three-parts to discuss just how awesome John Kasich was in Congress?

Amazingly, “Scoop” Keeling’s unprecedented ability to interview his ex-co-workers is nothing more than Kasich propaganda.

For Keeling to do an interview that suggested that the Clinton Administration was not serious about balancing the budget before 1994 ignores that the Clinton’s first budget did reduce the deficit substantially (even though Kasich said it wouldn’t and voted against it.)

Keeling’s interview glosses over another point: that had Congress passed Bill Clinton’s budgets […]

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Voted for the health care bill before he voted against it.? And Driehaus thinks this will save him his congressional seat.? Pathetic.? I have been in politics for a long time in this state, and I have had it up to here with the epic cowardice of elected officials in Ohio, specifically members of Congress, who pander to the basest, most marginal issues of their electorate as if it will help them win elections.

Driehaus will claim his district is pro-life, and this issue is so damn important that it should be allowed to derail the most important health care […]

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‘Nuff said

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Dayton Daily News: Dayton Tea Party plans “Freedom Rally” at Nutter Center.

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Keeling wants to talk about parliamentary procedure like we’re all still nine-years old, and he just passed the 12th-grade civics proficiency exam.

He includes a video produced by the House Republicans decrying Speaker Pelosi’s plan of using the “self-executing” rule in the reconciliation process that wouldn’t require the House to necessarily pass the Senate version of the health care bill first.

He claims that this is an unconstitutional outrage and wholly unprecedented.

If by “wholly unprecedented” you mean used by the House Republicans MORE THAN THIRTY-FIVE TIMES in the last year they controlled the House, then Keeling would […]

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“Scoop” Keeling, Matt Naugle, and Kyle Sisk get another one absolutely wrong.? After spending the last few weeks trying to turn a thwarted legal tobacco smuggling plot into the next Coingate, the Columbus Dispatch reports today what I said last week.

The biggest reason the bust couldn’t go through had nothing to do with the Governor or politics, it was because there were serious doubts that any criminal law would be broken under the plot.

“State officials now believe the plan involved tobacco ? not drugs.”

Actually, even that is inaccurate reporting.? From my sources, it was that […]

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Josh Marshall probably has known this for some time, but writes it today, citing the now famous video of teabaggers mocking a sick man.

Pay particular attention at the :50 second mark, where anti-reform protesters yell and throw a few bucks at a man holding a sign claiming he has Parkinson’s.

Those guys screaming about “handouts” would be perfectly at home at a rally in the 1990s, or the 80s, or the 70s and so on. This isn’t new, and it’s not original. The social and cultural currents running through this debate exist independent of the debate, and the […]

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Update on vaudevillian post rec-list Kos banning!? This is too hilarious not to publish.

Mr. Russo,

You are, as you yourself point out, a previously banned user. We don’t permit banned users to return. The reason you were previously banned was not arbitrary. You posted despicable stuff, not just despicable but also inaccurate. And you got rightly tossed off the site for it. Since then you’ve sneaked back several times instead of apologizing for your over-the-line behavior and asking for reinstatement at the front door like a civilized person. And now we’re at fault for not helping you get […]

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It probably seemed like a good idea at the time for Rob Portman – accepting the nomination to be George W. Bush’s trade representative, precisely 5 years ago today.? After all, Rob Portman, now a famed Birther, who happily laughs at jokes claiming Barack Obama is an illegal alien, is a true believer in zero regulation of markets, to the point of ideological purity.

Today, 5 years later, we Ohioans live in the world Rob Portman’s slavish devotion to his ideology has created – a nuclear winter aftermath of total economic collapse created entirely by Republican dogma, a dogma whose […]

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