It’s been a very busy and tough week.? Travel, work, an unwelcome bout with a vicious cold that lasted the duration of my time on the road and continues, plus some campaign drama.? Ugh.

But today, I had a reason to smile.? Tiger Woods will return to play in The Masters.? It is highly unlikely that Tiger will challenge the leaderboard after so long away from from competitive golf, let alone win.? But golf is just not the same without Tiger, and The Masters is the perfect place for him to return.

As someone who has also endured a media landscape hard wired to impose endless layers of retribution on anyone who makes a mistake, it’s important to see examples of hope for redemption, even if that redemption itself will come with yet more layers of sanctimonious judgementalism. Today in America, paying for your mistake is a lifelong struggle against the grinding media machinery that magnifes in perpetuity the hateful ignorance of people who just can’t seem to get a life, and would rather watch their televisions piss all over someone else’s.? Well, go and get a life.? Those of us who made our mistakes, and are overcoming them – we got a life -? if we can, why can’t you?

Tiger is in for one hell of a ride.? If he wins this Masters, well….wow.? Just wow.? I’ll just be happy to see him surrounded by azaleas, chirping birds, and green grass…hopefully in contention on Sunday.? Somehow, I think it’ll mean more to me than most.

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