So I wrote a diary tonight using my latest Kos account for my campaign, on the hopeful news that Dennis would announce tomorrow he’s voting for the health care bill.? It hit the rec list almost instantly.? I got banned that minute.? I only found out I was banned again after I tried to reply to someone’s comment.? That diary will now sit on the rec list as long as folks want it to, while the user himself is banned from commenting in it. Laughable.

I don’t know who is in charge over there, but it’s become such a petty place, this soon-to-be-elected Democrat is really finding it just a giant waste of time, effort, energy, and attention.? You could definitely argue I took too long to come to that conclusion, but I’m funny that way.? A commenter claims I should have “applied” for reinstatement at this link,

If you think that your account has been banned, and you’d like to plead your case for having it reinstated, you may use this form to contact us with your case.

Whatever.? The “rules” for such things are utterly arbitrary, not to mention unknown.? Way to go, Markos.? You so rock.

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