It’s been a long day and I’m much too tired to go into my whole Catholic back story again. Let me simply say that my relationship with the Catholic Church is long and complicated but it continues to improve, especially when I hear stories like this one about Catholic hospitals supporting healthcare reform…

“We are trying to respect other people’s conscience and views” said Carol Keehan, chief executive of the Catholic Health Association. “… We think this bill is a good first step to health care reform.”

Amen, Carol.

Stay strong.

P.S. This doesn’t hurt either.

  • scottpullins

    I just signed the Catholic declaration in support of same sex civil marriage.


  • mvirenicus

    it's a dead end, man. you'll constantly stumble across various groups of catholics who style themselves “progressive” or “liberal” on this subject or that. what it boils down to is a bunch of people who know damned well their religion is bullshit so they go into denial and begin making stuff up to appease their own conscience. they should just walk down the street to the unitarian/universalist church and forget the romish monstrosity in which they were raised.

  • I know what you're saying, mvirenicus. But the Catholic Church, like any big organization, is slow to change. I don't expect miracles, but it is nice to hear they are doing things that actually make sense for a change.

    I might also add that Italy has (accoring to the WHO) the 2nd best health care system in the world and provides universal coverage for its citizen while spending only 8.9% of GDP on health care.

    The United States spends over 15% of GDP on health care – 45% of which is paid by the government already – and a big chunk of our citizens fall through the cracks.

  • Thanks Scott. I think it's a well written declaration that promotes tolerance and understanding while not backing away from the current teachings of the Church. While I personally may not agree with everything in there – I think it strikes a nice balance.

  • if change is the goal, then what's the point of a Church? It should on principles like a rock. If anything, the church has liberalized far too much since Vatican II.

    The church is a major force in the defense of life. And the health care legislation begging debated is inherently anti-life.

  • A lot of people, including a bunch of pro-life Catholic theologians disagree with you on the health care bill, Matt.

    I totally understand that you'd be against it because it's being proposed by a Dem President and supported by a Dem Congress, but don't try to pretend you have some ethical objection to it.

    Ensuring everyone has access to health care is about as pro-life as you can get.

  • I have deep, ethical objections to the bill. I opposed Mitt Romney/Ken Blackwell/Hillary-style care at the state level, and this is even worse as people can't vote against it with their feet.

    Theologians excel at the ecclesiastical and exploring the nature of God, but often fail at economics. Check out Michael Novak, who is perhaps the leading authority at the intersection of Catholicism and free markets.

    There is much to say here, but the basic idea is that health services, like anything else, is scarce. The market and price mechanisms are the best way to allocate resources efficiently.

    But to take it out of the market by treat health care is treated as a right and like endless manna from the Heavens, means there will, by definition, be shortages. That is where the rationing and anti-life decisions come into play.

    I'm not defending America's over-regulated health insurance oligopoly. But to slowly replace it with a big, ugly, God-like monopoly is beyond scary.

    You, as someone who does not respect life or religion, are spinning big time. Thankfully you're not very good at it. So go poke some more at Stephanie Spielman's body, you twerp.

  • mvirenicus

    i'll wager stephanie spielman's body was worth a poke in life too!

  • mvirenicus

    the catholic church once condoned abortion to the “quickening” of the child. apparently the church has always been kinda flexible on the details.

  • scottpullins

    God and the Catholic Church is big enough for Joseph and Matt.

  • And it took until 1992 for The Church to finally admit that the Sun doesn't revolve around the Earth. Damn liberals and their stupid science.

  • mvirenicus

    i won't return to the church until they get rid of those damned altar girls. what the hell's that all about? i went to a catholic funeral several years ago and was aghast to see the priest surrounded by GIRLS in open-toed sandals and crap! OMG i thought the world would end right there. i was the lead altar BOY back in the day! they called me “WINE.” what do they call the lead altar girl? “wine cooler?” this shit has got to end!

  • mvirenicus

    i'd sit in a pew next to joseph if only to shoot spitballs at the priest. only way you'd get me to sit next to naugle is with a gallon of kerosene and a match.

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