While it’s a lot of fun to point out how silly the right sounds when they try to propagate the meme that the left means “bigger government” and the right “smaller government”, we’re breezing right by the fact that the idea that “liberals == larger government” is just flat-out wrong.

The truth is liberals don’t look at the size of government – say in employees, or budget size, or whatever – and say “that’s too small; we need to grow government!” It just doesn’t happen. Liberals look at individual programs and decide what we should be doing at the governmental level and what we shouldn’t. Some of those decisions will result in larger government. Some, in smaller government.

For example, it’s conservatives who want to spend billions of dollars on a wall along our southern border which will have the effect of hurting our economy. (Then they think that when liberals oppose that idea, that means we’re for illegal immigration. No – we just think the wall is a stupid, stupid idea.) Similarly, it is conservatives who move to grow the size of our military, not liberals.

In fact, we should all know by now that under GOP administrations our federal government has grown dramatically in size and debt. Much faster – many times more than the worst post-war Democrats in terms of growth of government – with Reagan-style conservatives.

The right are wrong with their “big government v small government” meme on it’s face. It’s just a nice bonus that we can make fun of them for saying something silly about it.