Since at least 2007, we Ohio bloggers have documented in pretty good detail the baiting of the neanderthal, teabagging, racist base of Republicanism.? It hasn’t stopped, it’s just gotten more sophisticated, as Southern strategies tend to do – in fact, the email smear narrative is now entirely adopted by the RNC, Republicans in Congress, and now Liz Cheney.? Which is why it’s a bit quaint for Eugene Robinson to finally catch onto it, and still, even now, miss what is going on.

This is really part of a death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategy to wound President Obama politically. The charge of softness on terrorism — or terrorist suspects — is absurd; Obama has brought far more resources and focus to the war against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan than the Bush-Cheney administration cared to summon. Since Obama’s opponents can’t attack him on substance, they resort to atmospherics. They distort. They insinuate. They sully. They blow smoke.

This time, obviously, they went too far. But the next Big Lie is probably already in the works. Scorched-earth groups like Keep America Safe may just be pretending not to understand our most firmly established and cherished legal principles, but there is one thing they genuinely don’t grasp: the concept of shame.

Robinson knows what’s going on here.? He knows it to his core, and certainly has known it since he saw the very first email smear back in 2007 drift into his inbox.? Liz Cheney is not serious about this “big lie” or the next “big lie”, she is not concerned with trampling over the deepest core values of this country’s history, like the right to counsel which John Adams himself granted to the Boston Massacre Redcoats before the country was even born.

No, Liz Cheney is using the Birther language, the narrative of the email smear campaign begun against Barack Obama almost 3 years ago, in order to keep hold of that base before it bolts for teabagging.?? They spent years laying that foundation, and god damnit, they are going to milk it until they can’t milk it anymore.

It’s standard GOP operating procedure.? Come up with a few largely inoffensive code words, say them over and over again, and bingo.? The repulsive neanderthal Pavlovian base responds to this as reflexively as if you’re saying nigger while waving a confederate flag.? The base doesn’t know it’s being baited and used, doesn’t even care, because they’re idiots – even the RNC calls them “reactionary” in their own fundraising memo.? Robinson knows this, too.

Implying that lawyers in the DOJ are Al Qaeda sympathizers is orgasmic nectar to the tongues of the bigots who still, to this day, think Barack Obama is a Kenyan on a plot to light this county on fire and watch it burn while Bin Laden laughs in the background.? And it is all based on racism.

That is what’s going on here, Eugene, why don’t you just write it.? If you need a reminder, just watch Liz Cheney’s video, and then take another look at this now famous cover of the New Yorker.? How the hell is any of this surprising.

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