It seems every time I watch Fareed Zakaria’s show I find something great…

While you’re listening to the current Commander of the U.S. Central Command admit that he’s successfully worked with gay and lesbian agents of the CIA, be sure to pay attention to the little info blips at the bottom of the screen talking about David Howell Petraeus’s extensive and very masculine military record.

This guy was top of his class at West Point. Shot in the chest during training. Released early from the hospital after doing 50 push-ups. This is guy is tough as nails and smart as hell and HE thinks we can successfully integrate gays and lesbians into the US military.

From now on it’s going to be really hard for all of the old, chubby, civilian congressman who disagree with our top General to be taken seriously on this issue.

  • mvirenicus

    fareed? isn't that a terrorist name?

  • lowerenlistedfemalesoldier

    Soldiers do not care about sexuality. It isn't even a topic that is discussed or needs to be unless you are off duty/ after hours. The military is a mission oriented environment and is not like other regular work environments. Personal eccentricities or preferences are invisible while in uniform. Everyone is the same and is treated as so. The only thing that distinguishes you is your rank. When you are on the battle field you are not thinking about who you are going to save and why. It is an instant reaction that is fueled by team effort. This topics recent popularity is for tv viewers and politics.

  • Mark

    Are we speaking of the same General “Bagdad Bob” Petraeus. He is a clown and everyone on active duty or retired knows it.

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