Twitter was abuzz this afternoon with pictures of John Kasich posing with celebrities at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus.

It would be easy for me to attack Kasich for hanging out with celebrities while Governor Strickland was up in Cleveland attending the Cleveland Praisefest. Even easier given that Kasich was nowhere to be seen at yesterday’s anti-abortion event with Sarah Palin.

But to be honest I don’t fault Kasich for running around with celebrities. I don’t dislike Arnold. As far as Republicans go he’s one of the better ones. And I don’t blame him for blowing off Palin either. It sounds like it was a mess like it always is at Palin events. Sarah sets a limit on how many hands she’ll shake and twice that number of sweaty right palms always end up in line.

But it does make me wonder why Ohio’s conservatives are giving John Kasich a pass.

With all of the tea party madness and the infighting with Ohio’s Republicans over which candidate is more conservative, how is it that John Kasich spends his day at a photo op with the pro-choice governor of California and skips the anti-abortion rally with the newly-crowned queen of the ‘pro-life’ movement and we hear not so much as a peep from any hardcore social conservative bloggers?