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Twitter was abuzz this afternoon with pictures of John Kasich posing with celebrities at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus.

It would be easy for me to attack Kasich for hanging out with celebrities while Governor Strickland was up in Cleveland attending the Cleveland Praisefest. Even easier given that Kasich was nowhere to be seen at yesterday’s anti-abortion event with Sarah Palin.

But to be honest I don’t fault Kasich for running around with celebrities. I don’t dislike Arnold. As far as Republicans go he’s one of the better ones. And I don’t blame him for […]

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My campaign is hereby launched at DailyKos. ?Rec it up!

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Yes, that’s right.? My thank you cards to donors will all be original Bridget Ginley depictions of the Cleveland skyline – paintings, drawings, whatever medium she feels like at the moment!? The first have gone out, and they’re a hit.? As you can see from this photo taken at the palatial DJBG studio of fantastitude, we have gone into industrial production based on expected demand, but don’t let that fool you.? Bridget has been doing these skylines for years, every single one is unique and signed.? Thanks to DJBG, and thanks to my donors….become a […]

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As most of my readers know, I’ve worked for Labour every general election in the UK since 1997.? This year’s election will be the first since Tony Blair came to power that I’m not in Old Blighty.? So I’m starting to pay attention from afar.

The likely election date will be first week of June.? The Tories seemed headed for landslide victory for much of this parliament, but now, it looks like there is at least as good a chance of a hung parliament.? Here’s the poll tracker I’ll be following.

What’s a hung parliament, you ask?? Well, it […]

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Interesting!? I hear there ain’t much goin’ on in that Canton office where Taylor claims to work, either.

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