Per my previous post, where I note that these people haven’t got the first clue about what they are doing, Henry Gomez finds yet another instance.

Yet as Smyers offered that critique, she was working actively to help elect Chris Ronayne, a council candidate in District 3. That same day, Ronayne’s campaign sent out?invitations for a March 10 fundraiser listing Smyers as one of more than two dozen “host committee” members….

“I think you raise an interesting question that I had not previously considered,” Smyers, who last year was a co-chair of the successful Issue 6 reform measure,?said after being asked by The Plain Dealer.

I guess one massive conflict of interest just isn’t enough for Chris Ronayne!? How much you wanna bet Ronayne is using Burges & Burges as their consultant?? I’m setting up a meeting next week with Ms. Smyers.? Perhaps I can help her out with other interesting questions she had not previously considered.? After all, I’m a democracy guy!