I’m not a sports fan. Not at all. Not even a little. As matter of fact I could be considered an anti-sports fan. But living in Central Ohio one can’t help but hear about local sports news and local sports stars and their families. I’m specifically talking about Chris Spielman and his wife Stefanie.

Unlike a lot of former OSU athletes, Chris Spielman caught and maintained our attention. He was a college star who went on to the NFL. And later to sports-themed TV fame.

But Chris’s main claim to fame, at least recently, is the fact that he’s married to Stefanie Spielman, the Columbus-area woman famous for her long and very public fight against breast cancer and her ability to raise awareness of, and a great deal of money for, the fight against this killer disease.

Finding the cure for breast cancer is a goal that crosses political boundaries; a cause that brings people together.

And when Stefanie died last year everyone in Central Ohio came out in support, Plunderbund included.

So when I heard that Chris Spielman was introducing Sarah Palin at her highly-political, anti-choice speech in Columbus tonight I was quite surprised and a little saddened.

I still am, actually.

It confuses and amazes me that someone who spent the past decade working to help his wife improve the lives of suffering women has decided to move over to the dark side by helping to raise money for an organization dedicated to stripping women of their reproductive rights.

Maybe they lied to you. Maybe they offered you tons of cash. Maybe you are just misinformed about Ohio Right to Life and their very anti-woman agenda.

I honestly don’t know why you chose to team up with them Chris.

But if you take a few deep breaths and a few minutes to rethink your goals in life, I think you’ll realize that Palin and her pals are not your friends.