I’m not a sports fan. Not at all. Not even a little. As matter of fact I could be considered an anti-sports fan. But living in Central Ohio one can’t help but hear about local sports news and local sports stars and their families. I’m specifically talking about Chris Spielman and his wife Stefanie.

Unlike a lot of former OSU athletes, Chris Spielman caught and maintained our attention. He was a college star who went on to the NFL. And later to sports-themed TV fame.

But Chris’s main claim to fame, at least recently, is the fact that he’s married to Stefanie Spielman, the Columbus-area woman famous for her long and very public fight against breast cancer and her ability to raise awareness of, and a great deal of money for, the fight against this killer disease.

Finding the cure for breast cancer is a goal that crosses political boundaries; a cause that brings people together.

And when Stefanie died last year everyone in Central Ohio came out in support, Plunderbund included.

So when I heard that Chris Spielman was introducing Sarah Palin at her highly-political, anti-choice speech in Columbus tonight I was quite surprised and a little saddened.

I still am, actually.

It confuses and amazes me that someone who spent the past decade working to help his wife improve the lives of suffering women has decided to move over to the dark side by helping to raise money for an organization dedicated to stripping women of their reproductive rights.

Maybe they lied to you. Maybe they offered you tons of cash. Maybe you are just misinformed about Ohio Right to Life and their very anti-woman agenda.

I honestly don’t know why you chose to team up with them Chris.

But if you take a few deep breaths and a few minutes to rethink your goals in life, I think you’ll realize that Palin and her pals are not your friends.

  • seditious

    Spielman is a Fundamentalist Republican & Byers Mazda spokesman. He campaigned for Bush in 2004. I've called Byers Mazda to let them know that I won't patronize them with Spielman as their spokesman. Maybe others should call Byers Mazda and complain:

    Byers Mazda Subaru
    2455 Billingsley Road
    Columbus, OH 43235
    Tel: 1-866-810-7161
    Fax: 614-792-0402
    Email: info@byersauto.com

    I wonder what the anti-choicers solution is to ectopic pregnancies and how the lack of affordable healthcare and poverty play a role in someone deciding to terminate a pregnancy.?And, Chris what about the hundreds or thousands of innocent babies and pregnant women that have been killed in Iraq because George Bush lied us into a war? Have you ever stopped to consider them?

    Just four years ago the Republicans controlled everything—Presidency, House, Senate and 7 of 9 Supreme Court Justices. Why didn't they use the force of Big Government to take away the right of a woman and her doctor to make medical decisions?

    45,000 Americans die every year due to the lack of healthcare. Medicare for All advocates should be the ones known as the Pro-Lifers.

  • Wilderness Wonderer

    The hundreds of Iraqi babies and 45k who die because of lack of health care are important considerations to be sure, but the numbers look tiny next to abortions. Have to find something better than that to claim “pro-life”, seditious.

  • All good points, seditious.

    Conservatives have quite a talent for coming up with names for their groups that imply one thing even though the group actually does something completely different. Names with the ironic flair of ‘right to life’ or ‘focus on the family’ are used for groups that focus only on one, specific, modern-conservative-Christian-approved type of ‘life’ and or ‘family’, groups that in in many cases actively work against other types e.g. same sex marriage.

    Like you I find it amazingly difficult to understand how so many people who claim to be ‘pro life’ can be so selfish and heartless by focusing solely on forcing women to bring new babies into the world without any concern for what happens to them after they are born.

  • brian

    Don’t be surprised by a fomer football athlete supporting the GOP. Many are raised with a sense of entiteled celebrity that fits the Republican philosophy. Remember Steve L’Argent, J.C. Watts, Lynn Swan and others have prospered under their tent. Two Cleveland Browns players campaigned for McCain.

  • keary


  • mvirenicus

    this seems to be common among professional athletes. brady quinn and curt schilling leap immediately to mind as right wingnuts. there are plenty more who could be used as examples. maybe when you have millions of dollars thrown in your direction for throwing a ball or knocking people down it can skew your perceptions of reality.

  • John

    Unlike you, Chris knows there is a God. That alone should end the dribble.

  • John

    Unlike you, Chris knows there is a God. This alone should end the dribble.

  • chrisperrbluelake

    Chris Spielman, like so many OSU football/college football/high school football/NFL football jocks, is a knuckle-dragger Neanderthal. I don?t know why anyone would be surprised that he is ideologically aligned to the likes of Sarah Palin, it is simply part of his DNA. Not only does prolonged steroid use shrink your nuts, but also I?m sure it plays havoc with ones internal hard drive. Think of all the ex-professional jocks who enter politics, all but a few gravitate to the far right of center.

  • Wilderness Wonderer:

    Are you honestly interested in solving the problem of abortion? Or are you looking to score some cheap political points, as most GOPers are?

    Do you really think criminalizing abortion will solve the problem?

  • That makes sense. Obviously he never had to work for anything in his life so God must have blessed him with good looks and sports skill. Still doesn't answer the question of why all of these people think they need to force their religion on the rest of us.

    I hear the Christian right screaming about the evil Islamic fundamentalists trying to impose sharia law in the Middle East while they are are here at home fighting to get their fundamentalist Christian beliefs written into US law.

    Practice whatever you want at home and at church. I don't care. Just don't tell me I have to do it too.

    For a party that uses the words Liberty and Freedom with such vigor, the Republicans sure do have a lot rules they want to impose on everyone else's behavior.

  • brian

    Amen Joseph. Amen.

  • Very well said. My sentiments exactly!

  • mvirenicus

    you're all going to hell. all of you.

  • saggitarius

    Both Chris and his late wife have always been huge anti-choice supporters, in fact they served as campaign co-chairs for Upper Arlington Republican Tim Rankin, a vicious anti-choice demagogue.

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  • Gracy

    It never ceases to amaze me that you cannot seem to reconcile the wish to perpetuate the life of a woman infected with this terrible disease, and to continue the life and development of a healthy child in the womb of a woman. Ohio Right to Life does not wish to strip any woman of their reproductive rights, the point is merely that after a woman has chosen to engage in acts that lead to conceiving a child, she must not end the life of that fetus (fetus merely being the latin name for baby.) but must carry the pregnancy to term.

  • WildernessWonderer

    Sorry; I forgot to keep up with this conversation. Even if I had I wouldn't have known how to respond.

    My point: 46 thousand is not even close to the number of abortions each year.

    Your point: I am looking to to score cheap political points and I think that criminalizing abortion will solve the problem, but it won't.

    Impossible to argue with that airtight logic, because you have already recognized that I am a naive judgmental Republican who has never actually done anything about the causes underlying abortion.

    The ignorance in your response makes seditious look like a math whiz.

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