From the daily archives: Friday, March 5, 2010

I’m not a sports fan. Not at all. Not even a little. As matter of fact I could be considered an anti-sports fan. But living in Central Ohio one can’t help but hear about local sports news and local sports stars and their families. I’m specifically talking about Chris Spielman and his wife Stefanie.

Unlike a lot of former OSU athletes, Chris Spielman caught and maintained our attention. He was a college star who went on to the NFL. And later to sports-themed TV fame.

But Chris’s main claim to fame, at least recently, is the fact that he’s married […]

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Here’s RedState contributor, former National Review freelance writer, Kevin Holtsberry in 2006:

Conservatives and libertarians love to blast Ohio as a high tax state but ignore the fact that state wide taxes are not that high.

The libertarian dream of slashed budgets and minimalist government is not realistic.

Holtsberry today?

Because like the green eye-shade wearers [the media] are, they demand detailed budget scenarios and explanations of how everything will work. They simply can?t fathom how something this big might be accomplished and so they seek to nit-pick it to death.

During normal times […]

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Do you think they’ll learn their lesson yet?

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Per my previous post, where I note that these people haven’t got the first clue about what they are doing, Henry Gomez finds yet another instance.

Yet as Smyers offered that critique, she was working actively to help elect Chris Ronayne, a council candidate in District 3. That same day, Ronayne’s campaign sent out?invitations for a March 10 fundraiser listing Smyers as one of more than two dozen “host committee” members….

“I think you raise an interesting question that I had not previously considered,” Smyers, who last year was a co-chair of the successful Issue 6 reform […]

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We’re now less than 10 months away from a new county government, but a full 4 months since the passage of Issue 6.? I’ve been watching the transition as closely as anyone, and two things are apparent.

First, the transition is suffering from an extreme, almost comedic lack of competence.? Even if you give everyone involved in the transition process a total free pass, and assume they all have nothing but good intentions, their handiwork is just a flippin’ mess.

Almost none of the top people in the transition process has been involved in politics or government or anything demanding […]

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